I Gained How Much?


As a certified Nutritional Counselor I am always discussing, pushing, and advocating for a healthier lifestyle from my clients, my family, my friends, and this country.

Weight is a serious problem and sometimes it can be challenging to discuss. It can sometimes be like the Elephant in The Room.

Well I am here to tell you that there are natural healthy ways to maintain our weight, lose weight if needed and still enjoy life. Losing weight does not have to be sad and or depressing.

I have a passion and a purpose to you the reader to start Today and never look back. You see our feet were created to go forwards and not backwards.

Let’s get started.

Number 1
Believe you Can Do This

When was the last time you detoxed? Detoxing is very vital to weight loss. The colon needs to be cleansed from waste and parasites.

Number 2

Get a Buddy

When 2 or more set out to lose weight statistically they are more successful. You can encourage one another, pray for one another, and hold each other accountable.

D3-Dietary Designs By Dallas is having a buy one get one half off weight loss special. Contact us at rhondallasconsulting@gmail.com to order or call us at 832-922-0567. We will consult you through your Healthy Weight Loss Needs.


Number 3

Be Able to see Yourself on The Other Side

The number one reason people do not want to start weight loss and or Healthy Living Lifestyles is because they sometimes cannot see themselves on the Other Side.  Vision and perseverance is so vital for this challenge.  Vision yourself by drawing pictures of yourself, get that outfit that you always wanted to wear but did not like the way it fit, and Just DO It !

Always consult a Physician when you are beginning a Healthy Weight Loss System.  It is important to make sure you are healthy enough to start a Healthy weight Loss Program.



Number 4

Don’t Overthink The New You

Getting started is half the battle.  Overthinking and talking about it too much can sabotage getting started.  Sometimes we think too hard and too long and talk our own selves out of getting started.  We listen to others who can tell us how hard it’s going to be, and how that particular program did not work for them.  Once you become focused and make your mind up just get started.

Don’t’ know where and how to start?  Contact a Certified Life Coach- Rhonda Dallas Coaching and Personal development and we can help you begin at your own space and pace.  We will review your current lifestyle so we can make sure that the right program is selected for you and you only.

Finally, As Afro-American people, we rank high is so many diseases such as diabetes, High Blood Pressures, and Obesity that starting off 2018 Light is the Right and Healthy Way to a longer Heathier Life.  Whatever you are going through and wherever you are right this minute in life, you have the power to turn it around.  Let this year be the Year!



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