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BEE FIT FOODS is your lifeline to a healthy and fit lifestyle! ~ Billyssia Pierce

January is the month to make a fresh start and to conquer some of those mountains that have been standing in the way of our nutritional success in the past year. Why not get fit with BEE FIT FOODS?

Billyssia Pierce, the founder states that “BEE FIT FOODS is a healthy food prep company. No matter what your goals are we can help you. Whether that is to lose weight or gain weight or even maintain. We have the solutions for any problem you may encounter. We provide the knowledge and the expertise to help you get through your health and fitness goals.” Pierce has had over twelve years of health fitness experience as a personal trainer and health coach. “I started off in this business as a certified personal trainer and my client’s biggest setback was their diet. You can’t out train a bad diet, so to fix that I started BEE FIT FOODS. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset with wanting more out of life and having my own business and businesses, and I knew that BEE FIT FOODS was another entity that I could have under my belt. But I didn’t know to what extent it would take me. When I first started BEE FIT FOODS training was my focus and as I continued to build on my business and my brand it completely took over. Whereas now, training has become secondary and I now outsource that service to my fitness professional ambassadors. Our philosophy encompasses total client care, and we have developed strategic relationships with other healthcare professionals to ensure that they receive a total package.”

Pierce started the business three years ago and moved into a storefront a year later. BEE FIT FOOD’S ideal customers range from the busy professional to the athlete who is focusing on optimum performance, to the individual who simply desires to change their eating habits to develop a healthier lifestyle overall. So, no matter what your current health status is, from the overweight customer who has tried everything, tired of Yo-Yo dieting and is seeking a plan that is really going to work, they can help you out.

If you are someone who knows how to be healthy and knows how to cook healthy meals but doesn’t have the time, they are here for you as well. They have established a trusted brand that anyone from celebrity clients to school children can depend on to provide the proper nutrition that will benefit your body. BEE FIT FOODS are known to be able to provide the best for the best.

It’s an easy choice for the potential customer to make based on BEE FIT FOOD’S hard-earned reputation in the community. Pierce takes much pride in the fact that word-of-mouth advertising has built her company to where it is today. A quality product has been her aim from the day the doors opened and will continue to be first and foremost in her business philosophy.

They also offer a delivery option for Houston residents, they go as far as Montgomery County north, Freeport-Galveston south, Sealy, Texas west and as far as Baytown, Texas east. Their delivery service brings the meals directly to your door.

For the new year, Bee Fit Foods most popular offering is their Shape-Up Plan, a high protein, low carbohydrate meal plan geared towards weight loss. If you overdid it during the holidays and want to get back into shape, this is an ideal option for you. In February, they will be doing The Shape-Up Extreme, a 21-day challenge for individuals who want to kick-start their new year weight loss goals. They also offer their online followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, first crack on any specials that they may offer.

They are a valuable community resource and support its residents by hosting nutrition and fitness boot camps and they make it a priority to serve by offering discounts and supporting various community initiatives. For example, BEE FIT FOODS has offered free hot breakfasts for students taking the STAAR Test. Pierce saw this as an opportunity to show children healthy alternatives for breakfast. Pierce stated, “That’s where our focus has to go to, our youth. A lot of times it’s harder for us to eat healthy because growing up we didn’t eat as healthy as we should, or we didn’t have the knowledge of health and fitness. So as much as I can pour into our youth and our communities, to share health and wealth with them, I most definitely will.”

Another BEE FIT FOODS enterprise to be introduced in 2018 is their free BEE FIT FOODS UNIVERSITY, where they will be offering classes on healthy living.

Bee Fit Foods has grown tremendously in the past three years, and with growth there must be a tough team. This year Pierce has brought on a new partner, Nick Houston, who will also take on the role as Bee Fit Foods COO. Houston, a native Houstonian, is no stranger to entrepreneurship, and has had much success in business. He is more than ready to take on his new role and continue helping the Bee Fit Foods brand grow. Another addition is the Award Winning, Celebrity Chef, JaNel Witt. Witt is the Season 11 Winner of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, with Gordon Ramsey, and has been the executive chef to many of Houston’s favorite eateries. Witt has brought a dynamic new menu to Bee Fit Foods, surely to bring a bigger spark to healthy meal prep. These three have formed the ultimate dream team.

Make sure you follow them on social media, check out their website or drop by the store at 9555 Main St Houston Texas 77025 or call them at 281.865.0601. Mention d-mars at the checkout and get 10% off your purchase.

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BEE FIT FOODS is your lifeline to a healthy and fit lifestyle!


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