You Are Too SKINNY or Too THIN!


When someone tends to look drastically different or lose an excessive amount of weight, hearing comments about being too skinny or thin is something my clients, colleagues, fitness competitors and I hear so much.  These types of negative comments about weight loss not only come from acquaintances, but some of the people closest to us. Even though people may be well-intentioned, it needs to be said that this diminishes the ability for one to enjoy their success and hard work. Also, it has been recognized that it is a lot easier to refer to someone as being too skinny than being too fat.  It seems when we are overweight, out of shape, or obese, no one wants to throw their two cents in as much. I hate to say it, but this is even more prevalent in the minority communities.


I try to remind my clients and friends how great they look, and others sometimes feel threatened by that. Try not to feel self-conscious when these comments are made to you.  Believe it or not, others might see your weight loss as somewhat of a judgement of their unhealthy habits or obesity.  Your healthy lifestyle is a wake-up call to them that they are not ready to face.  Instead of facing their problems head on, their negative comments to you are what they need to feel better about themselves for remaining unhealthy.


Some of these comments come from people who have their own lifestyle issues, and you may have become a bit of a living reproach to them!  However, you are definitely not judging them, you are just living a healthier life.  Unfortunately, your healthy lifestyle makes them insecure about themselves.  Because they don’t have the courage to start the process, they take their insecurities out on you.  Even though people seem confident, they are living a miserable life inside.  Instead of taking those steps to become healthier and getting out of their comfort zone, it is easier for them to bring you down by throwing shade or making sly remarks.


We all know how the saying goes, “Misery loves company.”  Don’t be their company.  Don’t listen to those negative remarks.  They are just going to have to adjust to the new you.  As long as you know you are doing what is healthy and what is best for you, that is what truly matters. For those of us who know, it isn’t about the weight or the number on the scale. It is all about how you feel when you are more energized, stronger, and happier.  As the people around you get used to your new weight, they’ll come to accept it as your “norm,” and the negativity should dissipate. If it doesn’t, ignore the noise, and rise above it.  The important thing is that you don’t let anyone take you off of that path that is helping you live the best life.


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