What’s Your Workout Environment?


By Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

Exercise and relaxation is an important part of life.  I have clients who have home gyms, but they are not motivated to workout. You may be in the same situation.  Your workout equipment at home is collecting dust, and you are just not finding working out from home is fun.  Your environment can affect how you feel.  That is especially true when it comes to working out at home.  So I ask, “What’s your workout environment?”

Most of my clients, when they think of designing a home gym, they think of lining up mirrors and add​ing a tread​mill ​​along the wall with a TV screen and an elliptical or weight lifting system.  However, I always encourage them and anyone, that you need to create a space that will be ​easier to motivate you​.  Your workout space should be well-decorated, well-lit, and attractive.

​Select an appropriate ​room or space​​ in your house for ​your​ workout room.  ​ If you do not have a single room, then this space can be a small section of the family room, den, or office​,​

What are ​your fitness goals and your workout personality​?  Think space planning first.  Examples of this would be if you want to bulk up, then ​you would need to include free weights ​ demanding more space. ​ If ​you​ prefer yoga to running on a treadmill, ​not as much space is needed.​

Purchase ​the best equipment you can afford. ​ Less is more when it comes to getting started.  Spending smart is the best way to start with your collection of equipment.

When it comes to walls, create a room that is inviting by the choice of paint color.  Paint it using colors you love.  Also, I suggest displaying trophies, adding photos, and other artwork.​ ​Mirrors are a must.  Think adding wall murals, as this can add a feeling of depth and space to small, dark rooms​.

If it is in your budget, hire a painter who can create artistic finishes.​​  For example, you can choose an ocean scene for the wall facing your treadmill.  This will allow you to envision yourself running along the beach with the breeze blowing through your hair instead of huffing and puffing on a treadmill indoors. A woody wall mural lets you imagine you’re mountain biking down a forest trail instead of pedaling on a stationary bike​.

​Exercise time is like meditation.  For some, ​exercising in p​ea​​c​e and quiet​ is a must.  But for others, working out to music is the option.  If you opt for music during your fitness regimen, make sure your workout environment includes technology.   And don’t forget that mini refrigerator for water or sports drinks that will help keep you hydrated during and after your workout.

Once your workout area is a space of quality design that’s a fit for you, it is going to enhance your desire to workout.  ​​

For more information, contact Linda Lindsay of Designing Your Lifestyle at 347-731-1020.



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