The Vanity J Collection Unleashes in Houston


By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Juanita Wolford, designer and founder of Vanity J

This past weekend brought together Houston’s fashion influencers for the Vanity J Brand Launch Party and Fashion Show.  The Vanity J brand was founded by Juanita Wolford, an entrepreneur and cosmetology educator from Houston, Texas. As a young child, Juanita always had a love for fashion, which led her to recreate her existing clothing and create garments using only a needle and thread. As a top beauty professional and expert, Juanita has been recognized for her experience and expertise in the beauty and fashion industry.  Her passion for fashion coupled with the demand for a brand that provided a unique twist to clothing and hair inspired her to create the Vanity J brand.

This fashion affair had the who’s who of fashion on the red carpet, a VIP shopping experience and live performances from recording artists.  This launch of Vanity J was definitely done first class.  The fashions were uniquely stunning, and it was undeniable that Wolford put her heart and soul into every ensemble.  Models with all different body types worked the Vanity J label, allowing us to see how versatile this line is.  Wolford’s eye for design and her attention to detail absolutely should be celebrated, as well as her awareness that all women’s curves should be embraced in the fashion world.  For this to be her first show and launch, it was very impressive.  If this was her first show, fashion fans should look forward to what else she will be bringing to runways across the world.  She definitely is one to look out for in the future.

As passionate as she is about fashion, she is just as passionate when it comes to community.  The Vanity J event also served as a platform to raise awareness for the nonprofit organization Leadership in Full Effect (L.I.F.E). The organization was founded by Jelicia Reed and Omar Reed.  L.I.F.E. supports and empowers our youth in the areas of education and personal development.

Wolford created the Vanity J brand for the fashionista who wants to get out of their comfort zone and live outside of the fashion box.  “Many women are tired of what is in their closet.  The ordinary and simple black dress just won’t do anymore.  Women want to take risks with their fashion and unleash.  This is what Vanity J is about,” says Wolford.  The Vanity J clothing line includes a collection of matchless pieces all unique in design that are carefully constructed from the highest quality material.  With intricate detailed stitching, Wolford’s designs are a blend of creativity, uniqueness and glam.

Houston was the first stop for Vanity J, with the next showcase to be hosted in Atlanta, GA.  Wolford is looking forward to the brand coming to high-end retailers soon.  For more on Juanita Wolford and Vanity J, please visit


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