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Many Houstonians say locally grown food is important to them. Fresh produce is in such high demand.  Houston deserves the infrastructure to be able to grow and purchase healthy, fresh, and local food.  Plant It Forward Farms provides Houston with fresh, local produce by helping refugees grow their own urban farm businesses.  Houston is settling a record number of new refugees every year, many of whom have fled violence in their homelands and are starting new lives without the job or language skills needed to succeed. Plant It Forward Farms is helping these refugees become self-reliant entrepreneurs who can support their families and help our city grow.  Plant It Forward Farms provides refugees with the tools, training, and business skills needed to become successful urban farmers.

logoEach farmer is trained to farm using organic methods and sell their produce through farmers markets, farm stands, restaurants, and farm shares.  Their vision is a farm in every neighborhood, and every day they come one step closer to realizing that dream.  Plant It Forward Farms provides fresh, seasonal produce for Houston. All of their food is free of chemical pesticides and is freshly picked for sale at local farmers markets. They offer the fruits and vegetables that you grew up with, as well as their farmers’ favorite produce from their homelands around the world.

Not only does it support hard working refugee farmers, our local economy, and the creation of green space in Houston; you are also buying some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the city, all grown without the use of chemicals or GMOs.  Their farmers are selling at farmers markets, at farm stands, and to chefs throughout the Houston area.  Plant It Forward Farms is helping Houston be more advanced in the area of health by creating access to healthy food and fresh produce.  By fostering the sustainable growth of both the city and its individuals, Plant It Forward Farms can help lead Houston to a healthier and more prosperous future.

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