It’s Time for a Little Romance


Stella Alexander, Contributing Writer

Years ago, an older lady told a dear friend of mine, “You don’t have to be rich to live well.”  What a powerful message.  I also know you don’t have to be rich to romance well.  Start treating yourself and the relationship with your partner well.  When you constantly repeat something, it soon becomes a habit.  Allow it to flow over to those dear to you.

Decide today to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your relationship.  Don’t wait until Monday, next month, or next year.  Time does not stand still for you to change.  It’s moving forward, so move with it.  Visualize living the happiest and most fun-filled life with your partner; don’t allow the unfamiliar to stop you.  Do it and experience how wonderful life will be. When you put your intentions out into the universe, it will respond accordingly.

7 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Relationship:

 Renew: Increase the life of your relationship; begin romancing again.

Reactivate: Do the work that will put life back into your relationship.  Plan an impromptu staycation.

Revitalize: Give the relationship new energy or life.  Make it live again.  Reenact your first date.

Refresh: Gain new strength and energy to provide vigor to your relationship.  Discover your partners love languageThe 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts is a great read by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Reignite: Cause your relationship to catch fire and be aroused again.  Create a little morning, noon, or night Passion.

Reevaluate: Make sure the relationship’s needs and expectations are being met.  Create a relationship report card; discuss this over your favorite bottle of wine or drink of choice.

Renovate: Introduce something new to the relationship.  Take a dance class or cooking class together.

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