Thanksgiving Can Easily Be A Time of Weight Gain


by Reggie Collier, RC Fitness

Now that the holidays are quickly approaching, it is so easy to let the season take you off course and far away from your fitness goals.  Thanksgiving is actually considered the most gluttonous holiday of the year and many people look forward to this one day to pig out and eat anything that they want.  Between traveling with the family, desserts and all the amazing foods that are prepared, it will definitely make you lose your focus.

There are tons of articles that will tell you what to eat during the holidays, which exercises to complete and how not to allow yourself to fall into the Thanksgiving food frenzy.  I’m sure my clients will be shocked that I’m saying this, but I believe that you can have that occasional cheat meal to reset your body and to confuse it a little.  So instead of pigging out all day on Thanksgiving, plan to have your one cheat meal by indulging in the festivities.  My recommendation is to not let that cheat meal turn into a cheat day or even a cheat week. You really can’t destroy your body with one cheat meal. It’s the overindulgence that will destroy everything that you have worked so hard to do.

One suggestion that I have is for you to make sure you hit all of your workouts the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Now keep in mind that you can’t work off a bad diet, but we are just trying to ensure that you don’t totally neglect your body and fitness goals.  The exercise will make sure that your metabolism is going pretty good and you are ready to burn some calories.  Your local gym may be closed, but you can still go for a walk or a run the morning of Thanksgiving.   After dinner and during half-time of the football games take a quick walk.  This will burn some calories and help you from feeling sluggish.

Also make sure you eat a healthy high protein breakfast.  This will eliminate your urge to overeat.  Some people think that if they starve themselves prior to the main meal, they will have room to add extra calories.  The next few days following Thanksgiving you need to cram your body with vegetables and lean meats. Also, make sure you drink 1-2 gallons of water.

The goal here is to not let Thanksgiving be an excuse of throwing away your fitness goals. Don’t let it rob you of all your hard work.

Reggie Collier is the owner of RC Fitness. Visit for more info. 


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