Taylor Construction Management: Executing Projects to Perfection


By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Taylor Construction Management (TCM) is a premier global company in the construction industry with offices in Houston and Dallas. At the helm of TCM’s success are Troi Taylor and Kelley Taylor, President and CEO, respectfully. This husband and wife team are not only breaking down barriers as African-American entrepreneurs in this industry, but standing out among the competition by executing every project to perfection. TCM is not a construction company, but so much more. This project management services firm and strategic problem-solver is an active contributor to the business community with a passion for our community.

Troi Taylor and Kelley Taylor

Troi Taylor and Kelley Taylor

Over the years, TCM has seen tremendous and exponential growth. TCM’s team of highly skilled professionals has grown year-over-year. They are on course to increase their staff by 70 -75% by the end of 2016 or first quarter of 2017. Moving forward, they want to continue to grow their Dallas footprint and enter the federal market. Not only does this company have strong teaming partnerships and joint ventures with some of the largest firms in Houston, they have made their mark, making a name as a company that has integrity, along with their reputation for providing quality services.

Taylor Construction Management services include:

  • Launch Gap Analysis
  • Program Management Consulting Services from Planning to Activation
  • Team Member Selection, Contract Development and Negotiation
  • Program Management Implementation Plan
  • Master Budget and Schedule Development and Control
  • Management of Design Review and Value Enhancement Process
  • Part Time/Full Time On-Site Project Management Team
  • Construction Delivery Approach Recommendations
  • Equipment Planning and Delivery Coordination
  • Regulatory Agency Approval Coordination
  • Activation and Occupancy (Move Coordination)
  • Contract Close-Out

This project management services firm may be a young company, but TCM’s average years of experience is 20 years, allowing them to be competitive and offer the same industry specific quality of experience that a larger firm offers. Houston Independent School District (HISD) and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) are among those on TCM’s diverse and impressive client roster. In this industry, the Taylors know there are not many people of color in their position. The Taylors understand their role is not just to keep TCM a successful company, but to also serve as an example for the next generation, continuing a legacy of diversity in this business. TCM as an African-American owned entity appreciates the great need for diversity to create economic growth. Kelley Taylor says, “Diversity breeds creativity and innovation. Diversity is very necessary for the growth of our economy. As our population becomes more diverse, so should commerce. On a more personal scale, I consider myself an African-American woman entrepreneur. Both parts (African-American and woman) are equally important. I think it is important for our children to see people who look like them as business owners, and that’s true for every ethnicity.”


Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions

Where other companies may struggle being a small company in this competitive domain, TCM continues to stand out from the competition because of their service and work ethic, and size is not a factor. TCM is that kid on the playground who doesn’t realize he or she is small. In actuality, they are a small company. However, they have some of the best talent in Houston on the team. Their project managers and site inspectors are some of the best in the business. Their clients know that TCM is here to stay. “The talent we hire is a major factor in TCM’s success. We are committed to hiring the best talent – no matter their geographical location. We are committed to developing our internal talent so that their technical and soft skills remain relevant. Most important to anything else, we do our best to keep God first in every endeavor,” Troi Taylor expresses.

Get to Know Taylor Construction Management

What are the biggest challenges that one can face in the construction industry today, and how does Taylor Construction Management overcome and stay successful? We serve in the capacity of owner’s representative. We manage the design/build process for the project owners (clients).  We liaise between the project owner and the architects and general contractors to ensure that the construction process is completed within scope, schedule, and budget. I think the biggest hurdle for the project management industry is finding the right talent. It is a very competitive market. We’ve been fortunate enough to employ a variety of search methods to ensure that our client has the very best talent available to us. We make every effort to hire local talent. At TCM, we believe it is very important that we show the community that we are vested and want to bring jobs to the community.

Talk about how Taylor Construction Management is an active contributor to the business community.  Our CEO, Kelley Taylor, continues to seek out ways to serve the Houston business community. She completed Leadership Houston and is a member of the Greater Houston Women Chamber of Commerce where she was honored as a STEAM role model. Our president serves on the Mayor’s Office of Business Opportunity Advisory Board and the Board of Directors for the Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Council (HMSDC). Most recently, Mayor Turner appointed him to the METRO board.

How is Taylor Construction Management paying it forward in the community?  One of our favorite things to do is support our community. We encourage our team so do so as well. At the time of this article, in fiscal year 2016, TCM has given nearly $100,000.00 to charity and business organizations right here in Houston. We welcome the opportunity to speak to students regarding career choices, life skills, and the importance of making good choices. Truthfully, our commitment to community is not just talk.

Talk about how Taylor Construction Management is not just a “construction” company, but provides so much more.  We truly are strategic problem-solvers.  Before a project enters into the construction administration phase, it has to be designed.  In order to successfully design the project, you have to establish defined project goals.  The project goal always has to be the “North Star” and serve as the compass by which all decisions are evaluated.  TCM has developed an expertise in forging consensus and creating empowered project teams that are energized about achieving defined goals.  This is the intrinsic value that separates TCM from the competition.  The goal-setting and planning phase is just as vital as executing the construction phase.  TCM is always at the forefront of mission-critical facility improvement projects with unique leadership needs to deliver a tight budget, fast-track completion, and/or stringent regulatory requirements.

How has Taylor Construction Management stayed current with the trends in the industry?  We stay current by being visible in the local project management and construction community. It is important that we don’t just seek information but serve as a conduit for information as well. Also, we are members of the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP). We joined GHP at the Senior Advisory Partner level because we understand the value of the investment. Each organization where we hold membership affords us the opportunity to gain intel on the direction of the local and national economy.

There are not many people of color in your position in this industry.  Do you see Taylor Construction Management opening doors for the next generation?  ABSOLUTELY! We certainly hope so. It is incumbent upon us to conduct business with the highest ethics and execute project services to perfection. Part of our responsibility is to change the perception of small businesses.

What advice do you have for those going into the project management industry?  I would tell them to do their homework. Do the research. Find out what it takes to be a project manager. If you are entering this industry for the first time, make sure it is what you want to do because there are a lot of soft skills involved with being a successful project manager. You have to have the technical execution along with the communication, relationship building, and relationship management skills. One does not work without the other. Because of the value of capital projects, it’s important that you have a passion for project management because it is that passion that will keep you going when the going gets tough.

For more on Taylor Construction Management, please visit them on the web at www.tcm-llc.com.


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