TAA Members Help Renters Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Find New Homes


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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 8, 2017 — Texas Apartment Association (TAA) members are coming to the aide of thousands of renters displaced by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. According to early estimates, tens of thousands of the 640,000 units belonging to members of the Houston Apartment Association have some flood damage, and of course many properties in other areas along the coast were also affected.  Several TAA members are providing online listings of known apartment vacancies in the areas that were affected by the hurricane.

“This storm is having a huge impact in Texas,” said Chris Newton, executive vice president of the Texas Apartment Association. “Numerous apartments and communities flooded, causing renters to evacuate their homes. Those displaced renters and many homeowners now need a new place to live. We’re trying to consolidate resources to make available housing easier to find.”

Hundreds of properties are listed online and will continue to be updated. Renters can search the following sites for vacancies:

“So many were devastated by the storm and we just want to help make things a little easier,” said Newton. “We’re proud of our members for creating these resources in such a short time. The Texas Apartment Association is committed to being a resource for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, including homeowners who may become renters while their homes are repaired or rebuilt.”

In addition to the above TAA members, the Harris County Housing and Community Resource Center is also a resource for finding housing availability.  Rental assistance is available through FEMA for qualified residents. You can find more information here.

Displaced renters can find emergency assistance services and information, and a list of frequently asked questions on the Texas Apartment Association website.

About the Texas Apartment Association

The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) is a trade association representing rental housing owners, managers, and companies that supply services to the rental housing industry. The Austin-based association has more than 11,000 members who own or manage more than 2.1 million rental housing units in Texas. TAA has 25 local affiliated associations in markets around the state.




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