By Stella Alexander, Contributing Writer

Let go of the past hurts stealing your joy.  Get rid of stuff that doesn’t matter anymore.  What will you let go of today?

I want to be happy with myself and my life.  I want to live my life to the fullest, enjoying each moment.  I choose to live life passionately and with purpose.  This is what I desire for my family, friends and for your life.  Yes, I want it for you, but it’s only you who must make the decision to live your best life now.

After my 13 year marriage ended, I held on to the unhappy memories and told them as often as I could to anyone who would listen to the sad story.  Each time I told those stories, I relived it and it brought pain and suffering.  One day, my friend gave me a wake-up call and said, “Stella, what does that matter in your life today?  You are out of it.  Stop living in the pain of the past. Live in the present and look forward to the future!”  Her words shocked me and caused me to open my eyes to what I was doing to myself.

Some of us hold on to a painful past that is dead and gone.  It cannot hurt us anymore unless we mentally stay in that season.  There are others who hold on to the past and use it to beat down their spouse, family member or friend.  It’s in the past.  It cannot touch you today. It only exists in your mind if you don’t release the memory.  Let it go and create new, fresh and joy filled memories.  Choose today to live life with passion and purpose from this moment forward.  Forgive yourself and forgive the people who hurt you.  Stop harboring on the ugly things that don’t exist anymore.

 How do you move forward and step into change? 

  • Forgive yourself for holding on to unhappiness manifested from something that happened years ago. Learn from the negative and let it educate you.
  • Forgive the person who hurt you. You will find freedom in that action.
  • Decide to do and say things that make you and the people around you happy. Let God fight your battles and you won’t be scared.
  • Let go of past memories that were hurtful.
  • Start living life with passion!


Stella is relatable, reliable and real.  She’s your go to speaker for rejuvenating relationships.

Stella is transparent and empowering! She is able to energize audiences as a dynamic speaker, author and blogger. Stella focuses on empowering people to live life with purpose and passion.  Stella challenges her audience to live their lives to the fullest by first challenging them to look in the mirror and get honest and real.  Stella is the founder of the social networking site, where individuals and couples discuss, learn and encourage one another about building healthy relationships.


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