Stage with Style


Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

As a professional stager and design, I’m happy to make a difference, inspiring designing lifestyles for different individuals.  Whether it’s working in the community, with a homeowner, or business professional, I can work in different environments with budgets from high to low.  Having relationships with developers and real estate brokers has also allowed me to stage and prepare homes for resale.  Staging is a vital part of getting a home ready for sale.

The stager is not focused on creating a home that suits your personal taste and need for everyday comforts, but instead helps to make your home appeal to a broad range of tastes. The stager’s work should help people fall in love with your place and want to buy it.

To stage your home with style before a showing, please see some helpful tips below.

Staging Tip #1:

When it comes to paint colors, choose warm hues. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that all walls need to be white in order to be neutral. But white tends to look unfinished and cold. Look for warm colors, based on reds, oranges, and yellows. Using soft tints of these colors will make a space feel inviting.

Staging Tip #2:

Clear out the clutter.  Make your house as clean and organized as possible. A cluttered, overstuffed home sends a message to potential buyers – and to your own psyche – that there isn’t enough space and storage in the home.

Staging Tip #3:

Identify specific ways to highlight your home’s best features and compensate for its shortcomings. For example, remove curtains from a window that has a great view; or, in a small bedroom, replace the double bed with a twin or even a baby’s crib.  This will make the space look larger.

Staging Tip #4:
Arrange for repairs or other major work to be done on your home before a showing.  There would be nothing more embarrassing than having a potential buyer discover a leaky faucet or a garage door that doesn’t open.

Staging Tip #5:
Bring in furniture, art work, curtains, carpets, pillows, and even artful-yet-homey objects.  Add a real or high-quality fake bowl of organs or potted orchids.  Put a welcoming doormat in the front.   Make your house feel like a place where people can live their dream life.

Staging Tip #6:

Add finishing touches before an open house or major showing. For example, add fresh flowers, or put a pie in the oven on low heat in order to waft delicious aromas through the house.

Making your home well-dressed before a showing will enhance lots of attention and potentially help it sell quickly, no matter if the market is cold or hot.  In a cold market, buyers don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. A new home buyer does not need to spend time and money fixing up a distressed home when a staged house looks great and is move-in ready.  In a hot market, buyers can focus on the hot property of the week and ignore the others. So you want your property to be the hot one, with buyers going crazy in their efforts to outbid each other.

Stage with style!

For more information, contact Linda Lindsay of Designing Your Lifestyle at 347-731-1020.



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