By Tammi Durden, Contributing Writer

When thinking of seasons, I am reminded of the seasons of the year.  In the winter, temperatures can be blistering cold, while the summer can get extremely hot. Then there is the spring, which introduces new budding flowers and beautiful greenery.  As the fall rolls in, leaves transform into brilliant orange and yellow colors.

Well, just as seasons of the year change, so do seasons change in life. The way you looked as a baby is totally different from how you looked at twenty.  The one truth and guarantee about life is that things will change.  One key mental note to make is that all change is not bad.  As a matter of fact, when things change it gives you the opportunity to learn, grow and stretch. It is up to you to find the positive in it and WIN!

So, how do we handle this? When seasons change, recognize and embrace it.  The critical factor here is the way you transition from season to season.  With this in mind, allow me to share with you three quick tips that will aid you in making a successful transition as seasons change.

1.) Know When to Let Go.  Whether it is in business, ministry or relationships, you must know when to let go. Sometimes people come into your life for only a season. They were not meant to be there always. I’ll admit, letting go can be difficult to do, but necessary.  At a point in relationships, you may encounter situations where you find that you have outgrown someone and they are not willing to grow with you.  If you insist on remaining in the relationship, you will find yourself in a constant state of disappointment and frustration.  Let it go.  Life is about enjoying the journey.  When you choose not to relinquish things that no longer serve you, there is a great possibility that you will forfeit a phenomenal opportunity because you cannot see beyond yesterday.

2.) Be Open to Something New.  On many occasions, opportunities come disguised and bundled up in change.  DON’T MISS IT!  Sometimes it may not be so easy to accept change, especially when you have been on the same job or in the same relationship for an extended period of time.  Certain situations can be difficult and outright daunting, but more often than not, change is necessary. Choose to take a positive stance and embrace the process. Just maybe, if you are open to making a career change or exploring a new business endeavor, you can be well on your way to an exciting new season!

3.) Get to Know and Love Yourself.  In other words, practice self-awareness.  We go from one relationship to another and from job to job without really knowing who we are at the core.  The truth is, you cannot be at your highest and best self if you don’t know who you are.  Begin to challenge yourself by asking probing questions such as, “Who am I?” or “What are my values?”  Once you begin to discover your truth, this is when you can fully come to know and love yourself.   Try this exercise.  Look in the mirror and affirm yourself daily with positive words. This will make a tremendous difference with your self-image. With every imperfection and flaw…begin to love on you.

My friend, life is too precious to not enjoy the journey.  Begin to recognize and embrace your seasons as they change. Only then will you begin to experience life at its best.

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