Say It Loud…I Am Equipped and Proud!


By Noel Pinnock, Contributing Writer

Opportunity is at the core of our existence. It is especially true when it comes to career and business.  If our forefathers/mothers did not leverage the opportunity to explore the great seas in search of a better tomorrow, then we would probably not have an America today. Likewise, if it were not for my teachers of opportunity (i.e. spouse, parents, teachers, counselors, etc.) in my life, then I would not be the man who I am today. Now do not get me wrong, I have failed, floundered, and faltered. I have not made the best of every opportunity. Like you, I am human and to err is human; however, this does not mean that you should not get out there and grab opportunity by the horn and take the journey of success in business. In the midst of uncertainty and a sea of ambiguity, be encouraged that the best of life is yet to come. Joel Osteen’s book, It’s Your Time, can inspire you in business:

“Your best days (opportunities) are in front of you and not behind you. God will not let you go through more than you can handle. If you have a big challenge that is standing in your way of opportunity that just means you have a bigger destiny. Extraordinary people face extraordinary difficulties. But the good news is we serve an extraordinary God…In tough times you’ve got to draw the line in the sand. This difficulty will not bury me. This loss, this disappointment, this injustice, will not cause me to give up on my opportunities and dreams. I refuse to live in self-pity. I know I am a seed. That means I cannot be buried. I can only be planted. I may be down but it is only temporary. I’m not only coming back; I will come back better than I was before.”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, young and old, it is never too late. For every setback, God has a predestined comeback; but we have to be open and attentive, because opportunity may not knock on your door or simply show up on your doorstep, especially if you are not proud to be a lifelong student of opportunity. Remember, accomplishing anything in business and your career requires discipline…a deliberate, determined, and definable action with a clear goal in mind.

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