REVIEW: Another Broken Egg Café

We decided to visit Another Broken Egg Café’s new Pearland location for Sunday brunch. We tried to make reservations, but they don’t accept them on weekends. However, the gentleman over the phone said our wait shouldn’t be longer than about 10 to 15 minutes.

So imagine our shock when we arrived Sunday at 11:30am to find a line of people outside the door of the restaurant. To be fair, this was their opening weekend so we anticipated a bit of a wait … just not the 1 ½ hour wait we were greeted with. We decided to stick it out because we had heard such good things about the food.

So wait, we did.

When we were fortunate enough to finally be able to wait on the benches inside the restaurant, the hostess told us they’d be bringing out fresh complimentary beignets. So that was exciting … until the worker bringing them out inadvertently ran into one of the other hostesses and you can guess what happened next. Beignets, powdered sugar, marmalade and broken plate pieces all over the floor. And this was right where people entered/exited so it became a nuisance for people to step around. And it took entirely too long in our opinion to get the mess mopped up, or at the very least, a wet floor sign.

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Overall, we truly enjoyed our visit to Another Broken Egg Café. The food and drinks tasted divine. We actually saw some other menu items we’d like to try next time. Our advice: we suggest giving it a few weeks, so that they work out all the new restaurant kinks first.

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