Relationships Matter


Charlotte Jackson, Contributing Writer

Most working people live for the weekend, so they can enjoy life with those they love.  On Monday, they drag into work and spend so much time counting down to Friday.  I have been blessed with a pastor who has taught me to live intentionally with passion and spend time with those who add value to my life as well as spending time pouring into the lives of others.  In doing so, I often lose track of the day of the week.

According to my friend, Tim, who I met in seventh grade, I was always the geek with a calendar.  Recently, while I was spending time with some young adults, Tim called.  He heard the laughter as well as the basketball game on the big screen.  He asked for a rundown of my week and about half way through it, he stopped me.  He said, “And Charlie, I know you had all of this on the calendar, right?”  I laughed.  He knows me well.  I learned years ago that if something is important, you need to write it down, and you might as well write it on a calendar too.

My 24-year-old hero happens to be my daughter.  She was telling me that she was unpacking boxes at her new apartment in Tennessee.  She asked if I had looked on the calendar yet to plan a vacation this summer.  I laughed.  I told her I needed to check with two friends who live between here and there so I could schedule visits with them as well.  In unison we said, “I have to make the most of the trip and my time.”  Her friend listening in the background was laughing.  Yes, my child must have already told her about my need to get the most out of every day.

A friend and I were discussing what all is on the schedule for the weekend.  He shared that between his facilitating meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous, checking on a friend in hospice, and another friend who just moved, he would be pretty busy.  I told him about my long list of plans that included working on community projects, volunteering with my church, and spending time with a friend who was recently released from the hospital.  Yes, life is busy.  The calendar is full, and as I am spending time with friends, I am always working to help build my community.  Giving back to others helps you make memories.  What is on your calendar?  Don’t get so consumed with day-to-day activities that you don’t have time to pour into the lives of those close to you and those in need.  Be blessed, and spend each day making memories.


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