Rejuvenating Relationships One Date At A Time



Stella Alexander, Contributing Writer – Quiet as it may be kept, when you enter into a committed relationship, it is no longer all about you. This is why it is very important to know the person you are establishing a union with; and they should know you. And as you grow and evolve individually and collectively, you should continue sharing and communicating with each other. Be honest and true to yourself first.

Don’t settle for a relationship with someone just because you don’t want to be alone. You may find yourself more miserable and lonely. Secretly you will be angry with yourself because you manipulated a relationship for self gain. What did you gain?

Being with the person who fits with you, who has an understanding of who you are, and who has desires for your dreams and aspirations to come to pass is wonderful. I want you to see your relationship with your spouse as an opportunity to grow the loveliest fragrant garden.

It will take real work to grow sweet lovely fruit. You must know what you desire to harvest. Plant seeds that will yield the fruit you desire.

  • You want hugs, give hugs.
  • You want adventure, plan something adventurous.
  • You want spontaneity, be spontaneous.

Remember to water and cultivate the land. It takes work to harvest a beautiful crop. In the beginning, you don’t see the daily decisions, time, and work it will take to get the end product. Communicate with each other to know and understand the dreams and aspirations of your spouse. Find pleasure in helping your spouse blossom, as the two of you journey to fulfill your individual God-given purposes. This will bring joy, peace, and happiness to the relationship.

If you don’t respect and care for your spouse, peace will not abide in your home. What kind of person finds pleasure in selfishness? What harvest are you expecting from planting bitter seeds? Don’t fool yourself. A healthy relationship takes work.

As you enjoy the lovely fruit from your harvest, remember:

  • It took work to choose that special seed to plant.
  • It took work to water and cultivate.
  • It took work to harvest.

The labor will be worth the fruit you will enjoy when you continually rejuvenate your relationship.

Stella Alexander is a speaker and author. For more on Stella, please visit and email her at


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