The Nabor House Difference


By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Nabor House Executive Director, Dwayne Jones

When it comes to providing quality early childhood education to our children, Nabor House Community Early Childhood Center (Nabor House) is known as one of the top centers in the area.  Nabor House continues to invest in the growth and development of low-income children and their families in a Christian environment.  Nabor House’s mission is not only to provide an affordable quality education for parents, but to also provide parents with the support they need to pursue their employment and educational goals.  The Nabor House difference is simple, in that it educates, motivates and elevates.  Executive Director, Dwayne Jones is at the helm of the center, proud that Nabor House is not only educating children, but also elevating low-income families on the path out of poverty in a Christ-centered environment.

Nabor House stands out from other early childhood educational centers because it focuses on the child as an individual.  Jones says, “This center is helping to lay the foundation for positive social interactions for young children.  We want our children to grow into motivated adults.  The staff is committed to being the best role models for our children.”  This Christian center aides the child in discovering who they are inside and out. From spiritual discoveries to displaying pictures of each child and their families around the room, Nabor House helps each child understand that they are important to the world and their feelings matters.  “Socially, the school’s educators are trained to spend those extra moments to help a child work through their feelings. If a child is upset, the teacher is there to support the child to find the words to figure out exactly what upset them. Lastly, guidance is displayed by the teachers, creating simple rules and teaching children how to manage their own feelings,” adds Jones.

 Nabor House Community Early Childhood Center’s Success Rate:

 Elevating Families

  • 75 working parents making $1,318,940 (an average of $17,600 per family)
  • 70% single parents
  • 25 parents enrolled in continuing education
  • In 2017, excitement building about the development of a mandatory family enrichment program

Educating Children

  • 65 children enrolled
  • 20 children graduated to 12 elementary schools
  • 93% of parents see spiritual growth in children

Motivating Teachers

  • 12 employees enrolled in a Child Development Associate program
  • 13 employees enrolled in college classes
  • 3 teachers participating in Children’s Learning Institute at UT Health

The success rate proves that the Nabor House difference works! Nabor House educates children, ages two months to three years, through different activities.  The motivating of entry level early childhood workers has created a culture of learning around the topics of child development and best practices.  This enables them to provide quality early childhood classrooms and experiences for the students. Nabor House utilizes the High Scope and Innovations Curriculum. The center believes that children learn best through active play.

The classrooms are setup into 5 stapled centers:

  • Chapel: The children at Nabor House attend Chapel once a week. Our Chapel Instructor teaches about the word of God in a kid-friendly way.
  • Mighty Message Curriculum: This Bible-based curriculum focus on scriptures. Children do extensions in the classroom that reflect the Bible lessons through fun experiments and other activities.
  • SET for Life Curriculum: Nabor House prepares children to become socially and emotionally ready to take on “Big Kid” school and problems they will face as they continue to move through life.
  • Music & Movement: The children attend music and movement class every day.
  • Parent Program: This program is based on providing opportunities for parents to pause and spend quality time with their child through planned events. During this time, Nabor House also provides prayer and shares devotionals with the families.

Though Nabor House provides education and support in a Christian learning environment, they do have families enrolled who are non-religious/non-spiritual/non-denominational.  They don’t turn away any families because of religious beliefs, but since earlier this years, it is now operating under a Christian Mandate. Jones says, “We want to be able to serve as many families as possible, but due to our scope and size, we have narrowed our focus to hopefully maximize the impact.”  Nabor House’s primary funders felt impact could be made on the faith-based community with particular regards to Christian single mothers.

The family dynamic has changed, and the single mother is head of the household in many homes around the country.  Nabor House recognizes this.  The center also recognizes that if they don’t have assistance available for the mother or guardian, then the child will be another statistic and the cycle of poverty will continue for those in this area.  To combat this, Nabor House provides support for parents in addition to educating the child.  The two go hand in hand.  “The center is diligent in its efforts to provide resources and encourage low-income families on the path out of poverty.  Our center has hours that are accommodating to single parents, enabling them to go to work or school,” says Jones.  It is a requirement that parents work and attend school full-time or part-time. It is also about elevating families on a spiritual level, hosting events and having programs that help them strengthen their relationship with their children and God.  In addition, Nabor House Community elevates families by providing parent events about child development and parenting strategies.  Nabor House truly is about supporting parents, walking alongside them every step of the way, helping them to achieve their educational, spiritual, and financial goals.

There is a unique, dynamic, and effective relational approach at Nabor House that builds long-lasting partnerships that help the children and families to excel.  Jones says, “As the Executive Director, I go the extra mile. I am constantly spending time at the front door greeting parents. This allows for opportunities to connect with families and have a brief conversation about their lives. Occasionally parents ask to speak with me in private and we discuss their family matters. Nabor House offers prayers and we communicate the family matters to the child’s teacher. The teacher will take note of the family situation and will provide more opportunities to spend one-on-one time with the child that may include extra reading time and activities.”  Nabor House finds their center more than just providing education, but it is a ministry to help build families.

What Parents Are Saying About Nabor House Community Early Childhood Center:

  • I am able to go back to school without fear of where my kids will be kept.
  • My daughter’s teacher answers my questions regarding her social and intellectual development.
  • My daughter has become more independent, solves problems and plays more.
  • My child’s vocabulary has increased and her speech development has improved.

Nabor House is dedicated to cultivating the hearts, minds and spirits of each child through their center.  Their staff and teachers embrace the potential of every child which creates an environment of hands-on discovery, age-appropriate development and Christ-centered encouragement for children to thrive.  Jones says, “The children of Nabor House know that Jesus is their best friend. They know that there is no boundary to what they can accomplish with Jesus on their side. We want the children of Nabor House to take the seed we have planted in them and continue to thrive!”  The Nabor House approach for uplifting families and providing support for parents to succeed is just as strong.  The Nabor House difference is uplifting our children and families, making for a better community.

For more information on the Nabor House Community Early Childhood Center, please visit or contact Dwayne Jones, the Executive Director at




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