Life Makeover: Are You in Desperate Need of Change?


By Rhonda Dallas, Contributing Writer

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reminds us that there is a time for everything.  Many times, we need to make changes for a better life, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Emotional Makeover

Sometimes we just need to slow the pace down.  We don’t take time out to stop and smell the roses.  Where are you emotionally at today?  This area of our lives tends to be neglected.  Also, it’s all about habits.  Start identifying the habits you want to change.  Start replacing the bad habits with good habits.  Identify what is taking all of your emotional energy and start working on changing that.  Rather than doing more, we sometimes need to do less so we can see God at work and truly hear His voice.

 Health and Wellness Makeover

This may require you simplifying your days.  How often do you get out and exercise?  Take time to exercise.  Don’t just do any form of exercise, but really look at an exercise plan that you can stick to.  Do you have quiet time? Take 15 minutes every morning to meditate or to have that relaxation you need.  It will make a huge difference in your day. What are you eating?  What you put into your body can impact your mood.  Cook lighter and make better food choices.

 Spiritual Makeover

It may be time for a spiritual makeover, as this is good for your mental health as well.  We tend to say yes too much and without hesitation.  We sometimes feel pressured to stay busy.  What we fail to realize is that every time we say yes, we can be automatically saying no to spending time in prayer with God, spending time with family and friends, and just having that necessary time alone.

 Tips for a healthy change:

  1. Pray for more direction. Ask God what you need more and less of in your life.
  2. Change your way of thinking. Stop procrastinating and change your perspective and outlook on life.
  3. Begin acting differently. We can control our own behavior.  Though we may not be able to change the world’s behavior or the behavior of others around us, we can change the way we act and react.
  4. Be honest. Hold yourself accountable when it comes to your health and wellness.  If you need help in this area, seek assistance from a health and wellness coach.
  5. Eat healthier, exercise more frequently and get rest more consistently.

Regardless of what season you are in, I want to remind you that you are amazing.  Let’s continue to keep each other lifted and remind each other of this daily.

A certified health and wellness life coach can help you with a healthy lifestyle.  Rhonda Dallas is a certified life coach and nutritional counselor.  Contact Rhonda at or 832-922-0567 for your coaching session.  Get started today!


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