Life Is Filled With New Beginnings


Shelondra Peavy, Contributing Writer

At some point or another, we all have longed for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new day dawning, a rebirth, and a new beginning.

When life deals us a hand of hard knocks, low blows, or personal storms, it’s befitting to cry out into the atmosphere for a change. We cry out with hopes that the Creator of the universe will lend a compassionate ear and answer accordingly.

The truth is that life is filled with new beginnings, but the irony of “new beginnings” is that they are often hidden in the midst of stormy and painful endings.

Think about it – a new chapter will never begin until the previous chapter has come to an end.

So many times we may have heard the tale of someone who never would have encountered their ideal mate if their former relationship hadn’t ended. Likewise, there are those who could have never stumbled upon an open door to their ultimate career path if other doors of opportunities had not been closed in their faces.

But let’s remember the reality of such situations. Whenever we initially experience the end of an intimate relationship or perhaps whenever we are abruptly fired from a job, it is not uncommon for us to find ourselves crippled by agony and crying uncontrolled tears of despair.

More often than not, human nature will cause us to focus solely on our temporal issues as opposed to our endless possibilities.

And although it may sound like a bunch of graceful “feel-good” words, the real truth is no matter how challenging our current conditions may be, a new and more favorable situation, position, or status could very likely be hiding itself in the center of our storm.

Therefore, as it relates to seizing a new start, I’ve included a handful of hope-filled nuggets of truth:

  • Above all else, always hold on to hope!
  • Though it may be seldom stated, the significance of hope is most certainly noteworthy.
  • Whenever we become embattled by the rocky and wavy motions of an angry sea of circumstances, it’s extremely difficult to remain focused on the light in the tower. In like manner, it’s understandably hard for us to consider the peaceful shore amid our tough times. In fact, in times of anguish, these symbolic places of safety and relief somehow seem to be much farther away from us than they truly are. That said, if ever you feel as though you’re drowning, reach deep inside of yourself and grab a hold of everlasting hope, never-ending faith, and undying dreams.  You should use these things as your literal life-preserves.

It’s my sincerest wish that after you’ve weathered the storm, your new beginnings will send you sailing smoothly into light-filled horizons and realities that are beyond your imagination.  After all, life is filled with new beginnings.  Embrace them, along with all of their associated ironies.


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