Let’s Build MANY Mini Mansions!


By Shelondra Peavy, Contributing Writer

Recently, one of my long-time dreams was realized.

For nearly a decade, it’s been a pressing desire of mine to own a tiny house.  Long before the recent craze and fascination about them, my ever-present hope was to not only reside in a tiny house, but to also provide them for folk who possess a great need for clean and truly “affordable” housing.  My infatuation about the matter was a direct result of hard knocks and a creative mind.

On many nights, I would sit alone in the same rear booth at Denny’s and challenge myself to create as many livable floor plans as I could. For me, trying to fit an entire home inside of a space that was less than 200 square feet was as pleasurable and relaxing as a hand of solitaire or solving crossword puzzles.  Beyond that, such minimal dimensions were all I needed and all I could truly afford in my quest for a completely debt-free lifestyle.

And now, the day has come.  I’m sitting in the living room of my 216 square feet artistic abode, graced by the sun illuminating off of the page of this letter to you with one purpose in mind: My purpose is to pass the vision along as though it were a baton.

Although “1st and/or 2nd person” isn’t my typical style of writing, this article is intended to bear similar seeds of inspiration, healing, and positive change as my previous work.

Given the types of people I’ve met as a journalist, it would have been a comfortable cakewalk for me to find a name in my rolodex and then fatten up their credentials and ego by naming them as a noteworthy community builder, but instead, I’m boldly standing outside of my comfort zone and “the box” simultaneously.  It’s easy for me to influence a reading audience with elegant word flow about almost any subject matter, and it’s extremely difficult for a selfless recluse such as myself to approach a dignified reading audience with a bunch of I’s, Me’s, and My’s scattered throughout the content of my dissertation. It causes me to feel bashful and vulnerable.

Nevertheless, I wanted to talk to you.

It’s my hope that my words will gain a voice and then drift off of the page and into your heart and mind.  I want to humbly challenge you to become a community builder who I can wholeheartedly write about in the near future.

Let’s explore some definitions together:

  • A mansion is a place that is typically occupied by rich residents.
  • A rich person is one who can meet all of their own needs financially.
  • To be free is to be absent from bondage.

That being said, I should tell you that I built my priceless miniature “mansion” for just shy of $12,000 (turn-key). Now, I feel peaceful, rich, and free.

My greatest wish is that you all will join me in passing these feelings along to another deserving person. In other words, let’s become community builders together.

By all means, grab an inexpensive residential lot in an underserved community and BUILD!  If there’s enough money in your 401k or any other personal account(s), then BUILD!  If you can understand the true housing needs of SSI recipients who live off of a total of $733 per month and the similar circumstances of minimum-wage workers, reformed prisoners, or any other groups/individuals who are in need of socioeconomic and financial healing, then BUILD!

Let’s do it together. Let’s cause revitalization to ripple throughout our communities.  Let’s build many mini mansions together!



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