Ash Davito, Contributing Writer

When we think of kings and queens, we usually imagine leadership in a position of royalty. I have great news; WE ARE KINGS AND QUEENS OF OUR DESTINY! In my case, as a man, king is the title given to a male monarch in a variety of contexts. I choose to be king of my own destiny. It starts with our frame of mind and how we view ourselves. As human beings with free will, we have the choice to control our thoughts, which are usually followed by action(s). Spiritually, I believe there is no king higher ranked than Jesus Christ. On various occasions in the Bible, Jesus refers to us as His brothers and sisters. Meaning as believers, we inherited royalty through Christ by our faith in Him.

As long as I can remember, I have always been able to inspire myself. Sometimes growing up, we lacked inspiration from others and sometimes received inspiration from the wrong people or things. I remember being told, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.” That stuck with me throughout my life. It’s very important that we first know who we are in heart and character. Secondly, it’s important that we understand our destiny, where we are going, and why we are going there. Understanding your purpose will help inspire your dreams. Your faith will also inspire others to want to be a part of greatness or even help them unveil the greatness within themselves. Having faith in myself was very important for me as a young man growing up in Sunnyside, Texas. Once I experienced the Holy Spirit and started to build a relationship with God, I realized it was more important to have faith in the Lord. As a teenager, faith in myself helped me deal with hate and ignorance that most youth experience, by setting myself aside from following the crowd. My faith grew stronger as I studied the word of God, and that prepared me to have the strength to deal with anything life threw my way. In the movie business, we call it having “thick skin.”

Writer, director and producer, Ash Davito

I realize that I have an even bigger purpose than I imagined. I am a king, even if it’s over my own household. I realized that everything I’ve been through in life has prepared me for greatness. Not only to reach my dreams, but to help others around me reach theirs. Faith in God also makes it easier for us, because we don’t have to wander in the wilderness for 40 years like the Israelites did. At times we get so caught up and discouraged because we think that it’s “us” doing great things and working out miracles on our own behalf, when in reality, it’s God opening those doors for us through our faith in Jesus.

Growing spiritually, I realize how special I am. I’m speaking for myself; however, this goes for you too! The Bible also says that we are the apple of God’s eye. Do you know what that means? I still think about that often. Think about how much you love your spouse or children. God loves us much more than that! Thank you God! Regardless of our sinful nature, God chose to love us in spite of our downfalls. To know that the most powerful source in the universe is working on my behalf inspires me to dream bigger and to walk in the authority of a king sent to build God’s Kingdom of Heaven. When you feel that you are a king or queen, you start to carry yourself as such. You carry yourself with character and integrity. The anointing grows so strongly that you get favor from people you would never think would even recognize who you are. Others will get inspired by what you’re doing and will see that you’re not just doing things selfishly, but you’re building the community. You’re building God’s Kingdom.

I want to encourage you to be KING or QUEEN of your destiny! Step out on faith with every dream you have knowing that if God is for you, who could be against you. Don’t waste time with people and hobbies that are keeping you from wearing your crown of destiny and armor of righteousness. Be the light that the world needs, and share the spirit of Christ with others. God judges our heart, so have pure and lovely thoughts when dealing with people, rather business or personal.  We never know how our words and actions can change someone’s life in a better way as we reach our destiny. To all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, see you at the top!



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