Kim Burrell Brings Something New to Television


By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Gospel songstress Kim Burrell is well-renowned for her incomparable golden vocals and her jazz gospel style.  One of the best things about Burrell as an artist, is that she has a definite crossover appeal.  You cannot deny that her spirit is genuine and she has such a presence and connection with people.  Burrell is all about the truth, and she gives it to you in a real, but compassionate way.  Everyone does not have that X factor, but Burrell does.  This has taken Burrell to amazing levels of success in her career, and it’s nowhere near over, with this multi-talented entertainer now adding talk show host to her resume.  Don’t miss the debut of her new talk show, “Keep It Moving” airing this Friday and Saturday on CW39.

“This show is breaking the monotony.   I think the world and the universe is ready for this type of television.  I’m so excited.  I want to be able to reveal the truths on certain topics.  My gift of discernment allows me to go into the crevices of people’s lives,” says Burrell.

img_3328Burrell’s personality and compassionate spirit are just as golden, pure and genuine as her voice.  Texas Southern University has welcomed her with open arms, giving her an even bigger platform to reach a wider audience on her radio show, Bridging the Gap on KTSU 90.9FM.  This show not only allows her to bridge the gap between the community and various genres in music, but she is reaching the young generation.  Burrell says, “One of the first things I did before starting the show was really find out what excited students as it relates to music and content.  Students are invited to come on the show.  I even have a segment Brother’s Keeper, that gives students the unique opportunity to be heard.  TSU has a special place in my heart.  I’m thankful to God for this amazing opportunity to let young people know they matter.”  What she has brought to TSU, she will bring to CW39 with “Keep It Moving.” 

 Executive Producer of the show, Jacquelyn Aluotto had several female celebrities who were interested in hosting the show, but Burrell was the clear choice.  “I met Kim while we were both on a panel at an event.  We just had an instantaneous connection.  Kim is so different.  You don’t meet souls like her every day.  You can just be yourself around Kim.  She’s so multidimensional.  I’ve never met someone like her.  The audience will absolutely love her,” Aluotto expresses.

It wasn’t just talent that attracted Alutto to Burrell, but it was her spirit for the community.  Alutto, also an activist and award winning filmmaker of Not In My Backyard (NIMBY), saw how Burrell uses her own money to pour into the Houston community and other organizations, so she was also an obvious fit to be a spokesperson for The NIMBY Experience and The NIMBY Project.  Burrell says, “I love people.  That is what speaks to the nucleus of my heart.  I consider others more than I consider myself.  Helping people is in my nature, and I believe in what NIMBY does.  I’m proud to be a spokesperson for NIMBY.”  Don’t think that Burrell won’t bring that same spirit to “Keep It Moving.”

Burrell is using this new platform not only to talk to celebrities and notables, and to talk relationships and other hot topics and issues, but she will be giving a platform to those doing good, nonprofits and undiscovered talent.  “Houston has amazing talent and amazing people doing phenomenal things.  This show will highlight those that go unnoticed.  It’s time to give a platform to everyone.  That’s one of the reasons that this show is being filmed in Houston.  I want to show love to my city, a city that has been good to me.  I want to give that back,” Burrell says.  “Keep It Moving” will not be your run-of-the-mill talk show.  It will be a refreshing take on talk, not only entertaining, but touching people.

img_3327With “Keep It Moving” and her recent collaboration with Pharrell Williams on “I See a Victory” for the new film, Hidden Figures, she’s definitely in heaven.

When asked to describe “Keep It Moving” in one word, Burrell’s response was “Necessary.”  This show will give fans even more reason to love Burrell.  “Keep It Moving” will give fans and the audience an opportunity to see what Burrell is about outside of music.  Not only will she empower, but there’s so much more that this now talk show host has in store for Houston and the world.  She expresses, “One of the hashtags that I used was #BeNecessary.  This show is necessary and it will be a movement and a reality check.  This is a dream come true for me and for others.  This is for the world.”

“Keep It Moving” debuts Friday, Sept. 16 at 1:30PM (CST) and Saturday, Sept. 17 at 12:30PM (CST) on CW39.


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