A Key to Personal Success: Own Yourself


By Frenetta Tate, Contributing Writer

Many people are copycats! They mimic another person’s style, talk, catch phrases, words, and moves. We do ourselves a great disservice because by copying others, we are denying our own greatness and attaching ourselves to someone else instead of standing in our own rights, power, and authority. What many don’t realize is that when you try to be someone else, many times it doesn’t work or fit, because that person’s life is just not meant for you.  It is like trying on a suit two sizes too big or too small and expecting it to fit.  It will never fit when it is a façade.

It is time to own who you are. Use and embrace your own gifts, talents, and abilities. Each person has been endowed with gifts and graces that give them the right and responsibility to operate in them to the fullest capability and divine flow. You can’t do this if you don’t own who you are.

How do you own yourself?

Accept what is. Be in acceptance and non-resistance mode when it comes to you. Accept who you are mentally and emotionally and where you are physically. Accept all pieces of you. Resist nothing. If there is something you don’t like, then begin creating a new reality for yourself through change and move forward.

Ignore what is. Ignore what is so that you can be better than you are. Acknowledge where you are and then move forward.  Don’t pitch your tent in a place where you can’t get the best hold for your stake. If ‘what is’ is not where you desire to be, then stop being there. Ignore it and start creating your new life with new beliefs and an expectation of new and greater experiences.

Give energy in the right direction. Send and vibrate in the place where growth, passion, and purpose are evident. Vibrating to a false narrative will not get you the results that you truly desire.

Be the person who you were created to be, and that is in your own space, style, talk, walk, gifts, graces, talents, skills, and physical manifestation. The world is waiting for you – not an imitation of someone else in you. It is time to understand what is holding you back.  Rise up and walk boldly in the direction of what you truly want for your life.  It all starts with owning yourself.

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, an innovative coaching, training, and business strategy company. Connect with her on Instagram @frenettatate.



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