It Is All About Timing


Frenetta Tate, Contributing Writer

There are certain people who are just destined to touch you at the point where your ‘readiness’ resides. It is not everyone you meet, but certain people you encounter who will have that ‘thing’ about them that inspires you to the point of movement. This does not happen to me very often at all, but when it does – I am all ears, and I am ready to act. Never be offended that you were not the one who a person listened to. Instead be happy that they finally got the message and have begun walking towards their destiny. At the time you told them, they were not ready. It is all about timing.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is about timing. When YOU are ready, YOU will move. It is all about YOUR READINESS! Nobody else can ‘make you ready,’ and that is just the plain truth.  It comes from within you, and when you are ready – you will do what you have to do.  It is then that you will do what it takes to follow and pursue your dreams.  No matter how much motivation you get from external sources, it is really on YOU.

Remember that there is also an appointed time for you, and when that time comes, you will be ready.  When you are ready, you will move and make the decisions that you need to make.   You will do what you have to do.  You will be that student who is ready to be taught. Again, it is all about timing.

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, an innovative coaching, training, and business strategy company. Connect with her on Instagram @frenettatate.




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