It Is a Part of Who You Are


Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

The best design for your life is all determined by your choices.  It is just like making choices in other everyday things in your life.  Whether it is your home, work, friends, social engagements or just getting up in the morning, there are choices to be made.  Every choice you make shapes your experiences and life.  Design is no different.

How do you want to shape your lifestyle?  Below please see some of my simple design tips for making your space reflect who you are.

  • Use sleek lines and exotic materials that will give your room a more glamorous look.
  • For floor-to-ceiling bookcases, use wall coverings to create a focal point.
  • Use upholstered furnishing in different plush and exciting statement fabrics that will reflect your personality within the space.
  • Make sure you draw the eye immediately to the ceiling with ceiling fixtures.
  • Fireplace walls are the best for creating a wall of accent.
  • Use contrast items with color to bring a room together.
  • Use bluegreen, which is now the replacement trend for grey.​
  • Use wallpaper on the back walls to draw attention to the back of the room and to create the illusion of space.

Try some of my above tips to allow you to live and share your inner harmony through your interior design selections.
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