Houston Business Development, Inc. Supports the Expansion of Small Businesses


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Houston Business Development, Inc. (HBDi) has been serving small businesses and contributing to Houston’s economic growth for nearly three decades. This nonprofit 501(c)(3) community-based development corporation was established in 1986. Since that time, HBDi has been a vital component in stimulating economic growth, supporting the expansion of small businesses, helping to combat community deterioration, and fostering employment opportunities for low-moderate income citizens in the Houston metropolitan area, the surrounding counties, and the state of Texas. Marlon D. Mitchell is President and CEO of HBDi. He and the HBDi board are committed in their efforts to nurture and develop small businesses and strengthen inner-city communities by providing much needed capital and development services.

Marlon D. Mitchell, President and CEO of HBDi and the staff.

HBDi is headquartered in Houston’s southeast quadrant, in the Palm Center – Business Technology Center. HBDi accomplishes its mission through providing affordable, flexible small business loans, and an array of business support services designed to enhance the growth of small businesses. HBDi is a non-bank, community lending organization that serves as a catalyst in providing aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with debt capital and access to an array of resources to start and/or expand their businesses. Since inception, the corporation has participated in funding over $90 million in small business loans in Houston, resulting in over 3,500 jobs being created for low-moderate income citizens.

Houston Business Development, Inc. Loan Programs
HBDi loan programs offer lower fixed rates, long-term amortization, and quick turn-around. Through various loan programs, eligible small businesses are able to access affordable financing that they may not otherwise qualify for with conventional lenders.

Available Houston Business Development, Inc. Loans Include:
• Small Business Loan
• Fast Track Loan
• Start-Up Business Loan
• SBA 504 Loan

Houston Business Development, Inc. Resources
Borrower ServicesHBDi is available to help borrowers with their questions and to comply with the terms of their loan. This includes pre-payments, loan assumptions, maintaining appropriate insurance, financial information, and several other transactions. Business Technology Center (BTC) – The BTC provides business owners with access to office equipment, conference rooms, and bundled administrative support services enabling a reduction in costly overhead expenses. Within a professional and nurturing environment, new and emerging companies are given access to the tools and resources necessary for growth.

Business Information Center (BIC) – The BIC is a comprehensive resource library located within the BTC for small business owners and individuals desiring to launch a new business. An array of business-related tools are available to assist business owners, including Entrepreneur Start-up Guides, a library of business-related “how to” videos, business planning resources, books, periodicals, and much more. A state-of-the-art computer lab loaded with the latest business software applications and Internet access is also available to the public free of charge.

Partnerships – SCORE is just one of HBDi’s partnerships that bring education and vital information to small businesses. This collaboration has created workshops, seminars, and special training classes designed to enhance business acumen and keep small business owners informed on a regular basis at a minimum cost. Experienced professionals from SCORE, HBDi, and other agencies are on hand to conduct classes covering a variety of business-related topics.

HBDi continues to expand so it can continue to be an asset to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed, while helping Houston in the area of economics. Part of HBDi’s expansion includes their redevelopment vision. This redevelopment plan will be a force for neighborhood improvement. Making this plan into a reality will make HBDi a place where economic development services, healthcare, and community organizations will converge to become a hub of excellence and connection from Southeast Houston to the greater economic vitality of the Houston region.

Marlon D. Mitchell, President and CEO of HBDi.

Mitchell has recently been named the 2016 Financial Services Champion of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for Region VI of the SBA, which includes the Central Region’s five states – Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. HBDi continues to be recognized for being a great contributor to the growth of small businesses in our community. This nonprofit corporation remains steady in its service as a catalyst in stimulating economic growth and revitalizing communities throughout the city of Houston. There are issues that small business face growing their business that the larger companies do not, from having access to affordable office space and support services. HBDi understands what small businesses need in order to succeed and to compete in the business world. HBDi has a heart for the Houston small business community and the betterment of Houston. HBDi is the one-stop shop for small businesses. Houston Business Development, Inc. is located at 5330 Griggs Road, Houston, Texas 77021. For more information, please call 713-845-2400 or visit www.hbdi.org.


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