Healthy Food to Indulge at Diet Times


While for some, dieting is all about depriving yourself of all the ‘good foods’, here are a couple of ways you can binge on healthy and tasty food while you are on a diet.

Fruit smoothies

If made properly, fruit smoothies are something that you must indulge in. Since they are made with real fruits, they are low-fat and loaded with antioxidants, fibre and protein. It not only keeps you feeling full but also satisfies your sweet tooth.


As long as they are not topped with any dressings or seasonings that contain unnecessary fat and calories, salads are definitely something that you can indulge in. Try a salad with chicken, dried fruits or low-cheese crumbles.

Baked chicken

It is not possible to survive on greens alone; it is a must that you include some sort of protein. Avoid breaded or fried chicken, instead go for a grilled one with lemon and pepper.

Whole grain bread

Omitting carbs from your diet is a big No. They are full of fibre and choosing something made out of healthy, hearty whole grains is the best choice you can make. They are tastier, healthier and will also keep you feeling full and satisfied a lot longer than white bread.

Baked potatoes

If you thought that while dieting, potatoes have no space in your kitchen, rethink about it. They are very good for you and you can indulge in one with a little dollop of butter or sour cream. They’re low in calories and contain lots of vitamin C and potassium. Truly a delight for all those dieting.

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