Hardy Jones, III Has Made Imani Quality Concepts LLC One Of The Premier Designers And Builders


Dawn Paul, Associate Editor – Hardy Jones, III, President and Founder of Imani Quality Concepts LLC, is one of the most respected in Texas as a premier designer and builder not only in the private, but the public sector as well. Imani Quality Concepts is a general contracting firm founded by Hardy in 2006. Hardy’s roots are in Beaumont, Texas, and he credits his Texas roots and his parents for making him the successful businessman he is today in the design and building arena. Hardy has grown the firm from doing small remodeling projects to performing new construction and commercial projects.

Hardy was inspired to start the company after seeing his father, Hardy Jones, Jr., build their family home. Witnessing his father in this project allowed him to see how construction can bring employment opportunities for family members and the community. Imani Quality Concepts provides a full array of residential and commercial construction services and has collaborated with both private and public sectors.

As an African-American entrepreneur in this industry, Hardy says, “It’s imperative that we embrace and make opportunities in the field of construction. If looking in our roots, we as African-Americans have developed, constructed, and innovated all sorts of entrepreneur opportunities, skills, and abilities that have gone unseen. We started off small, but I’m very proud of where Imani Quality Concepts is now. We look forward to many more years of success.”

Hardy is well-known in the area for the quality services that Imani Quality Concepts provides. The company offers services in the areas of construction management, disaster recovery services, and design/build solutions to meet and exceed client needs and expectations. The company’s capabilities include, but are not limited to rough/finish carpentry, drywall, painting, and fire restoration.

Imani Quality Concepts has gained a much-deserved reputation in the industry for being stellar when it comes to quality, schedule, and consistent dedication to client satisfaction. The Imani Quality Concepts’ construction process begins with the assignment of one of their experienced construction managers to provide continuity and direction throughout the life of the project.

Hardy and his staff of qualified and highly skilled professionals take pride in their extensive experience, working collaboratively with design/build projects to identify and plan accordingly to make the client experience and process flawless. The depth of Hardy’s experience is matched by his meticulous standards and the company’s core strength. Hardy, through Imani Quality Concepts provides the capability, experience, and resources needed, while maintaining the personal responsiveness and commitment to excellent service that is paramount to the success of all projects he manages.

Hardy Jones spoke to d-mars.com about Imani Quality Concepts:

How have you seen Imani Quality Concepts grow since 2006?

There has been positive business growth in Southeast Texas due to expansion and increased construction capacity. Imani Quality Concepts went from a remodeling company in the 4th quarter of 2006, to being able to grow to a full general contracting company. We have a discipline in trim carpentry, drywall, painting, and more. More importantly, we make a commitment to seek leaders of innovation and design, so that we collaborate with our team on a continuous basis. Our clients receive the best, because providing the best is the mindset of the Imani Quality Concepts’ team.

Talk about the work ethic your parents passed down to you that has helped you to be the success you are in the industry today.
My parents have had a positive impact in my life and have helped to make me the businessman I am today. My father, Hardy Jones, Jr., set a great example as the head of the household. He provided for our family, working hard in corporate America. One of his proudest moments was when he was able to build our family a home. Witnessing how the construction of our home provided jobs really stuck with me. My dad also made me work. At a young age, I was cutting the yard, working in our family business, or working with him on some project. Hard work was taught at a young age. My mother, Beverly Jones, has always been a motivator. She always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to not give up. It was the little things my parents taught me that have helped me go a long way. I believe all of this was part of God’s plan.

How does Imani Quality Concepts stand out from the competition?
Imani means “faith” in Swahili. My faith is very important to me. At Imani Quality Concepts we have great faith in what we do. My team and I always want to embrace our clients to ensure that they have faith in what we do. Being stellar at customer service is of great importance. We never take any of our clients for granted. We listen to our clients and provide value in our services. We at Imani Quality Concepts go above and beyond to let them know that we appreciate their business. Our customers appreciate our approach to serving them.

What advice do you have for those going into the construction industry? Construction is not a 9 to 5 job. This industry may not suit everyone, and the work can be unpredictable when starting out. If you’re a person who enjoys working with your hands and who takes pride in building something from the ground up, it can be a very rewarding career. It takes hard work, good ethics, and trust to build your clientele list and have opportunities to win jobs you bid on. If you have the drive and are willing to make sacrifices and take risks, there will be great reward. People that are entering the business should also seek internships, attend workshops, and mentorship programs to learn about the field of construction and be successful at.

How has Imani Quality Concepts been successful in staying current with the trends in the industry?
One of the reasons for our success is that we have been successful in staying current on the trends in the industry. Nothing stays the same. The industry changes, and if you don’t keep up with it and change with it, your business can suffer. Imani Quality Concepts has stayed current with industry standards. We constantly study the new regulations and policies set forth by the National Association of Home Builders, legislation, and the municipalities. We also use modern technology, keep our software updated, and our staff taking continuing education classes is a must. Doing these things helps keep us ahead of our competition, allowing us to remain a notable, reliable, and respectable authority in the field of construction.

Imani’s certifications and memberships include, but are not limited to:

• State of Texas HUB
• Texas Department of Transportation DBE
• City of Beaumont MBE
• Houston Minority Supplier Development Council MBE
• Golden Triangle Minority Business Council MBE
• Accredited Business-BBB
• Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
• National Association of Home Builders
• Texas Association of Home Builders
• Southeast Texas Association of Home Builders
• International Code Council

Hardy has worked hard and made it a priority to provide customers with the best service, so that Imani Quality Concepts could establish itself as one of Texas’ most respected in the industry. The company has maintained its reputation for quality construction as a general contractor. Serving clientele in the public and private sector, Imani Quality Concepts not only meets client needs, but exceed expectations. Not only do they design and build businesses and dream homes, but they make the process enjoyable. This full service design and build company has years of experience, and they can help you with all phases of construction. For more information on Imani Quality Concepts LLC and their quality services, please visit www.imaniqualityconcepts.com.


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