Happy Me Tee, Making America Happy, One Tee Shirt at a Time


When Warren Broadnax decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he dropped everything else to pursue his dream. His wife Britne took a while to warm up to the idea, but after Warren suggested that she quit her job and go into business with him, she took a leap of faith and today; they are the proud owners of several enterprising businesses.

Happy Me Tee is one of those companies. It is a screen printing and sublimation t-shirt company that specializes in creating 3D t-shirts and custom logos. They are experts in bringing your “ideas to life.”

The whole idea of starting a t-shirt company came about when Warren and his business partner Marcus Bowers wanted to build customer loyalty for their business, She’s Happy Hair.  They both understood the concept that people develop close bonds with brand identities, so the duo not only sold their hair products, they also sold and provided She’s Happy Hair t-shirts to their customers.  This branding concept was so powerful that Warren found himself ordering hundreds of t-shirts every Friday.  One Friday afternoon the owner of the printing company told Warren that he depended on his weekly purchases so he can pay his employees each week.  When Warren heard that, he went home and told his wife Britne that they needed to start their own t-shirt company, and She’s Happy Hair would be their first customer.  The couple decided to name the company Happy Me Tee, “Because we wanted to express happiness in the way individuals dress without compromising fashion,” says Britne.

Happy Me Tee’s Expansion

The company started like most traditional t-shirt companies with silk screening, but one day Warren ran into a fellow businessman that had a unique way of putting photos on t-shirts. You simply take a photo with your cell phone and provide the picture to a vendor and you can have your own specialized personal branded t-shirt. He said that the guy created him one with a picture of his son on it and he wore it one of his games and every parent there wanted one. Meanwhile, he tried to contact the vendor about a potential partnership, but he didn’t respond, so Warren did his research and discovered that the process was called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation, is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals, and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Happy Me Tee added this new technique to their product line and business has been booming ever since.

Industry statistics state that:

  • 58% of people hang onto promotional products.
  • 1 in 4 people will walk around wearing or using a promotional product.
  • 6% of people can recall the company and brand on their promotional products.
  • Promotional products generate a 15% – 50% greater recall rate than other major media.

Happy Me Tee takes pride in the quality of printing they provide.  Warren stated, “When people see what you can do with full t-shirt printing they are really surprised about how nice it looks.”

Team Work Makes the Entrepreneurial Dream Work

Warren and Britne Broadnax are a good example of a dynamic duo that knows how to successfully combine both work and home responsibilities as entrepreneurs. This couple is very passionate about giving the customer the ability to make their mark on the world through customization, and there is absolutely no limit to self-expression at Happy Me Tee. Customer satisfaction is high on the list of priorities for this local t-shirt company.

Working together as a team allows the couple to make constant quality control checks and they have the utmost confidence in their product when they guarantee what they print.  Their estimated turn around on a job is 5 — 7 days, but the company also gives their customers the option of a 24-hour delivery and rush (right there on-the-spot) delivery. Most of their competitors have minimum order requirements, but for Happy Me Tee, “No job is too small, and no job is too big!”

Happy Me Tee offers high-quality products, fantastic prices, and specializes in customized t-shirts but, will also do 3D printing on wood, metal, rugs, awards, etc.  The company can print whatever logo, picture, and inscription that the customer wants on these items.  Happy Me Tee will create designs for organizations, teams, events, and family gatherings.  Their motto is, “If you can dream it then we can print it.”

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