From Me to You 


Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

​At this time of year, the spirit of newness and resolutions are in the air. This is the perfect time to rearrange, reorganize, and redecorate your office and living space.  When it comes to decorating, we tend to start with removing items and spending money to create a new look.  However, before you do that, take a read at my tips below.

Below are some of my 2017 decorating tips from me to you…

Change the room and change your mood.  Take a look at the layout of your home.  Mixing things up a bit may change your thoughts and behaviors within that space.  Making changes to your space can affect your production and mood.  Take the time to reuse and reflect​ on the items that you have become comfortable with.

Switch things up.  The key to a better environment ​is not always changing things totally.  Sometimes it simply requires placing things differently.  Start with your office.  This is a place of work, but try to create a space where it is a fun and personal work environment.  This will make a space of leisure and enjoyment.  This is why Starbucks has become a hub and work space for many.

You don’t always need a personal touch.  Decorate your office space in a way that is best for you to be productive.  ​Instead of opting for a fun and personal atmosphere, go with a t​able, chair, wall plug, and coffee.  It’s okay to remove personal items from your work setting.  Sometimes personal items can break your concentration.  If you are a person who needs to remain focused, it might be more beneficial for you to work this way or in a more confined space.

Design for better behaviors.  Are there lazy behaviors that you want to change?  Design or decorate in a way that will help you break those lazy habits and make those undesirable habits easier to perform.​  If your goal is to exercise more, then hang your gym clothes right outside of your shower door as a reminder and motivator to get healthier.  Encourage yourself to drink more water by placing water in every room of your space.  This is a great reminder to get more H2O.  If the television is a distraction, then put the remote control in a drawer that is not easily accessible.  Also, move the television as far away as possible from the couch or your favorite chair.  Another tip, take the batteries out of the remote.

Do you like to read?  In your bedroom create a reading space.  Have a small display of your favorite book in your bedroom.  Try replacing one of the night tables with an open s​helf cabinet to house the books.  To enjoy your favorite book in the bedroom, create a wide open space, allowing natural light and fresh air ​to be more present​.​

Remember to relax.  Create a space of relaxation by decorating your bathroom with a bottle of wine and candles.  Also, don’t forget the music.  Music is important to winding down.  Place speakers in your living room and kitchen to allow for some serenity.  You deserve a little relaxation.

Save some money.  When decorating, it’s always good to try using what you already have.

​If you have older items that are handcrafted and appreciated in value, you may not want to throw them out.  Think twice about keeping that antique table ​and dresser.  It’s all about cost savings.

​Create for yourself a space that has style, luxury, and comfort.  Happy New Year!

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