From Me to You


By Stella Alexander, Contributing Writer

This is February, and love is in the air.  This month I decided to share a poem from my book, Spontaneity: The Essence of Romance.  This is a little something from me to you. 

Effortless Love

  As the sun sets in the cool of the evening

And stars shine bright under the moonlight

Your love for me satisfies my need for love

My love for you satisfies your need for love


When you reach for my hand as we walk

And I smile into your eyes as we talk

This act of love satisfies

As our need for love is met


You ask God’s protection as we part for work

I kiss you softly before I walk away

Our love is at peace

As we move in our days


Together we kneel to pray

Praising God for blessing us each day

Our hearts are filled with gratitude

As we thank God for the gift of love


Under the moonlight, we dance

Tenderly you pull me close

In the warmth of your arms

I rest my need for love

I lean close to inhale your scent

And whisper loving words in your ear

Gently, I lay my head on your chest

We are satisfied by this gesture of love


We share an unconditional love

As we move about in each others’ lives

Being who we are individually

Effortlessly satisfying the need for love

Love is challenged

But never threatened

Peace abides even in the struggle

We are satisfied knowing love is unconditional

As the sun sets in the cool of the evening

And stars shine bright under the moonlight

We cleave to each other enjoying a sense of oneness

Love is satisfied effortlessly


Relatable, reliable and real, Stella is your go-to for rejuvenating relationships!  Transparent and empowering, she energizes audiences.  Stella is the founder of the social networking site, where individuals and couples gather to discuss, learn and encourage one another about building healthy relationships.




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