First Fruits Is Making Children and Youth Smile Through Parties


Can you remember the joy that you had as a child when you had a birthday party?  Remember all the laughter and happiness that it brought you?  Unfortunately, there are many children and youth in our community who cannot and do not enjoy a celebration on this special day or other momentous occasions.  Though parents want the best for their children, life happens, and unfortunate circumstances can occur.  Believe it or not, many parents have to choose between keeping the lights on or parties and gifts for their children.  If you think a party is not a need, think again.  First Fruits, founded by Stacey Broussard in 2015, knows that a party to a young person is a definite need.  First Fruits is a vital and vibrant organization dedicated to bringing young people and parents joy and happiness by providing parties and celebrations.

Broussard is a wife and mother, who just enjoys throwing parties.  Parties are her passion and now her purpose.  This passion for parties has extended to the community, and First Fruits is spreading love and joy to young people, helping parents give their children a celebration on their special day.  Broussard sharing this passion and talent to those in our community is something different, unique, and necessary.  A party truly means a lot to a child, and it is especially important to the parents who may not have the extra income to provide this for their child.  Broussard now shares her love of giving parties with other individuals, and she has partnered with churches and organizations to give children and young people in our community a special day that they will never forget.  Broussard says, “First Fruits is truly a blessing.  I really am so full of joy knowing that something as simple as a party can have a lasting positive impact on a child and parent.  This organization encourages, letting families know that we care.”

Broussard is the founder, CEO, and board chair of First Fruits, but she does not do this work alone.  First Fruits has a board of selfless individuals just as passionate as she is about giving back to families.  The board members are:

  • Vice President of Operations, Sharonda Wright
  • Vice President of Fundraising, Tiffany Green
  • Secretary, Tara Taheri
  • Treasurer, Yavaunda White
  • Marketing, Cheryl Harris Diggs

To find out more about First Fruits, please visit them on the web at or contact them via email at


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