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By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Bonita Billings is the proud owner of B’s Wine Bar (B’s), conveniently located in Missouri City, Texas.  Billings has an entrepreneurial spirit, and becoming the owner of a wine bar has always been a dream of hers.  Well, now the dream has become a reality with this new establishment already creating quite a buzz in the Missouri City area and beyond.  With special attention to detail, an unmatched atmosphere, and a signature wine selection, B’s has branded itself as a top wine venue that will be here for years to come. B’s grand opening took place recently, and the business has been well-received.

Left to Right: Bonita Billings, Owner of B’s Wine Bar and staff members

Billings was always interested in owning an establishment where people can relax, enjoy fine wine and spirits and great cuisine.  With a winning team, B’s has become all that and more.  The  combination of a nightlife atmosphere, great ambiance, and a business operation with a hospitality requirement attracted her early on to the bar business.  After going through the process of setting up the business entity and construction of a location to meet her expectations, Billings can look back and admit that the whole process had its share of challenges, but it ultimately ended in great rewards.  Billings says, “I absolutely love the end result of all of our hard work.  B’s Wine Bar started as an idea that is now a thriving business.  It was hard work, but keeping that constant vision of smiling patrons walking through the door was a key to help me persevere to see this journey to its end.”  Billings knows that in order to have a successful business, it is important to have a detailed step-by-step plan to follow from the beginning. Without such a plan, this process could have easily turned into less than successful for her.

For this venture, B’s, she chose a location that was dear to her heart: Sienna Plantation.  Billings says, “Sienna Plantation is not only a great community, but it is also where I call home. B’s is located in a business shopping enclave among other various established businesses, which allows us to attract a broad section of patrons.  I’m proud that we have created a place for people to socialize in a friendly, intimate, accessible, and relaxing atmosphere.”  This centrally located bar appeals to after-work clientele from nearby offices, business travelers, stay-at-home parents, and young adults looking to spend a night out in a convenient location without having to deal with the crowds and traffic of the downtown nightlife.

Billings has pulled out all the stops, paying attention to every detail, including the interior décor and talented staff.  B’s unique wine selection and the menu keeps people not only returning, but spreading the word about this wine bar.  “Our selection of wines and spirits serves as the foundation to an unmatched atmosphere and a menu chosen specifically to enhance one’s visit to our bar in Missouri City, Texas,” expresses Billings.

Since she first envisioned opening her own wine bar, she wanted it to pulsate and breathe with live music.  B’s will be featuring live music during the week, booking local musical talent from the immediate areas.  It is important to Billings to not only have a business, but to also make sure that her business highlights local talent, giving them a platform to perform their creativity.

Her journey is only beginning with this wine bar, and the fact that it is carrying her name gives her a greater incentive to continue on this path of success.  Billings anticipates the work ahead and looks forward to all the new things that she is about to learn on this journey.  “I hope my entrepreneurship endeavors encourage other female entrepreneurs to get off of the fence and jump in with their own business ideas.  With our businesses, we are able to give our young girls and other women a sense of empowerment and a strong sense that anything is possible for their future,” says Billings.

B’s takes great care in curating their stellar wine selection to accompany an impressive menu.  This establishment is also known for their spectacular event room that hosts events for any meeting or special occasion.  Billings and her staff are dedicated to keep B’s one of the hottest establishments serving Missouri City, Houston, and the surrounding areas.  Come and experience B’s for yourself.

B’s Wine Bar is located at 8770 Highway 6, Suite 300, Missouri City, Texas.  For more information, please call (541) WINE-BAR or (832) 440-7134 and email info@bswinebar.com.  Visit B’s Wine Bar on the web at www.bswinebar.com.


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