Enthusiasm Is the Great Multiplier


Noel Pinnock, Contributing Writer

Great American philosopher, essayist, and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!” Emerson couldn’t be more accurate in his reflection in today’s global and competitive society. We oftentimes find ourselves at dead ends because we lose that fire or enthusiasm.

A new car or home is greatly celebrated at the time of delivery or purchase. Generally this sensation lasts for some time but after awhile, what was once new becomes old.  After a few moments of bliss, the enthusiasm can fade and our innate desire for something new emerges, thus leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction.

No matter what you do – sweeping the streets, running a corporation or being a stay-at-home mom, your job is more than a job. The Bible says while you are here on earth, you should use your work as an act of worship and do everything as you are doing it unto Him. When you worship, you are enthusiastically engaged with the intent on elevating and celebrating. When our focus is steadfast on this, then we don’t get bored, everyday becomes a new day and every moment is a new opportunity to maximize, clarify and synergize.  Martin Luther, the man who sparked the Protestant Reformation, said, “A dairymaid can milk cows to the glory of God.”

If you do everything as if you are working for the Lord, how would your life change?  The great multiplier lies in the purpose of the action. Purpose drives your enthusiasm and that continues to be the fuel that drives you to accomplish.  Accomplishing great things requires enthusiasm.

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