Earnest Rhone Is the Houston Fitness Guru


Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Earnest Rhone of Houston Fitness Guru

Earnest Rhone is one of the most sought after fitness gurus in Houston and the surrounding areas.  His motto is simple, “What seems impossible today will soon become your warm-up.”  Countless people have unsatisfactory habits that are hard to break, finding it almost impossible to shed those unwanted pounds.  These habits cause obesity and other related health problems due to unhealthy eating and a lack of physical activity.  Earnest is a certified fitness trainer, co-owner of Signature Physiques Studio, and owner of Houston Fitness Guru.  His niche in women’s fitness has transfigured women physically and mentally.  His impressive approach to fitness gets to the root of obesity, training in a way that is effective and long-lasting.

There was always a fire in Earnest to see people be at their healthiest.  In college is where it all started, as he was able help fellow athletes with their workouts, and they would see results.  When he would see his fitness guidance take these athletes to the next level, he knew this was the purpose destined for him.  Earnest enjoys helping people understand what it means to truly be fit and help them reach their goals.  After working with different types of clients, he truly found his gift specializing in women’s fitness.  Earnest shares, “I specialize in women’s fitness, because even though they struggle the most with understanding their body, they tend to trust the process. Women not only listen, but they continue to find new goals and often motivate me through their stories.  Being able to shape, mold, and construct their mindset to believe in themselves is what I am able to provide these women.”

How many times have you lost weight and after a few months, you are right back to where you started?  Earnest has heard this story too many times from women, understanding that you have to get to the root and not just the surface of why you are obese or not at your healthiest.  As your fitness coach, he can help you lose the weight, but until you address the center of the bad habits, there will be no change long-term.  “In my experience, I have found that most things are mental, and that includes weight gain and obesity.  For many people, food is used as comfort.  However, with my training, I help clients see that instead of food as an outlet, use exercise as the outlet.  Working out is a great stress reliever,” Earnest says.  Part of Earnest’s process is teaching the client to truly know their body and how it responds to food.  He always encourages individuals to see a physician to perform a thorough assessment to help with a better understanding of the body and what else could be contributing to any weight gain.

Earnest believes that a successful transformation goes beyond the physical and includes a transformed mindset. One of his methods is the Houston Fitness Guru 90 Day Fitness Challenge. Through this challenge, he is able to educate his clients on the importance of nutrition and exercise. Earnest says, “Failure is a part of life, and those who push through the challenge are able to shift their mindset into healthy habits. After the 90 days, many of them do not revert back to those bad habits that they had before committing to the fitness challenge.”  His clients trust the process, making fitness now a part of their regular schedule.  Some of his clients have even done the challenge multiple times, and even back-to-back. Not only does this challenge help them hold themselves accountable, but the women encourage each other through this process.

Earnest’s method for tackling client fitness goals produces real results, keeping his clients motivated, aware, and conscious.  Earnest says, “In order to make a lifestyle change, you have to change your thought process about food.  It is about eating to live and not living to eat.   Also, you have to invest your time in not only working out, but taking the time necessary to meal prep.  This habit will help you achieve the best success.”  Earnest not only supports and guides clients to break bad habits, but helps them to replace them with new ones that are beneficial to the body.  “Food is not the problem; the problem is discipline and control. Many people overindulge in food instead of using it to fuel the body. But, we are what we eat. There is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging, but it should not be abused,” Earnest expresses.

“There is absolutely no quick fix for a healthy lifestyle. Diets do not work. Many of these programs are not healthy, because you may lose weight, but in the process you are also losing muscle. Many people do not understand that in fitness, losing body fat is more important than just losing weight on the scale,” says Earnest.

Earnest has had his own personal journey with weight gain.  In 2015 his life changed when he tore his Achilles.  Always being physically fit, this injury really sidelined him.  Not being able to continue his regular workout regimen, he gained some excess weight.  Regaining his fit physique was not easy, and he is still on the journey.  Wanting to motivate others by sharing his personal story, he looks forward to releasing his book that documents his path to being his best physical self again.  Earnest not only motivates clients, but those closest to him.  He has had many family members who have suffered from heart attacks and strokes.  Unfortunately, like many, he and his family didn’t have to deal with those issues until it hit close to home with the loss of loved ones.  Earnest provides tools to live a healthy lifestyle, but he also leads by example, encouraging each of his family members to take control of their destiny and lives through healthy eating and exercise.

Women are truly busy, with juggling career, family, and other obligations.  With the stress of taking care of everyone else, it is easy for women to neglect themselves.  Earnest explains to today’s busy woman that they have to carve out just a little time for themselves, as it is an investment.  Investing in their health now will keep them around longer for their family.  His message is clear explaining, “I share with my clients that it is alright to be selfish at times in order to make sure that you are taken care of. If they are not healthy, they will be more of a detriment to their family.”

There are accolades that come with achievements in this industry, but Earnest’s greatest honor is seeing the transformation and lifestyle changes of the awesome women he trains.  Seeing the confidence in the women at the end of the 90 Day Challenge is greater than any award.   As a trainer, it is Earnest’s job to inspire and motivate, but it is up to the client to trust the process to get the results.

For more information on Earnest Rhone and Houston Fitness Guru, please visit www.houstonfitnessguru.com, call (903) 293-4931, or email houstonfitnessguru@yahoo.com.



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