Dr. Michalyn Demaris Porter Uses Her Personal Experience to Help Women Have Healthier Hair


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Dr. Michalyn Demaris Porter, the inventor of the Weave Dryer®

Okay ladies, question.  Do you wear hair extensions?  Now if you do, you are not alone. African-American women purchasing hair track extensions make up 70% of that market.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “Long Hair Don’t Care.”  Well, though there are many women who do care for longer locks and extensions, there has been a lack of care under the extensions when it comes to the scalp and natural hair.  Many ladies suffer with molded hair in their hair extensions because of improper hair drying.  The health of African-American women who wear hair extensions is at stake, and Dr. Michalyn Demaris Porter, the inventor of the Weave Dryer® knows this all too well.  Dr. Porter understands that folliculitis and alopecia are real issues for women of color, and this invention will allow women not to have to sacrifice healthier hair for extensions.

The Weave Dryer® was birthed from Dr. Porter’s personal experience with a hair infection in 2015. “I lost a section of my hair because I wasn’t drying my hair extensions properly.  The health of African-American women who wear hair extensions is at stake.  I was one of them, so I understand the affects all too well of what can happen to the scalp if the hair is improperly dried.  The Weave Dryer® is here to help keep women from damage that can lead to folliculitis and alopecia,” says Dr. Porter.

A scalp infection as a result of not properly drying hair underneath hair extensions

Many ladies suffer with molded hair in their hair extensions. Wet hair extensions equals a wet scalp which results in a dark damp place that becomes a utopia for mold spores. Mold spores are naturally found in the air and are invisible to the naked eye. Mold spores grow from moisture that is trapped inside the hair when it doesn’t completely dry. When ladies don’t dry their hair extensions properly after shampooing, they leave a wet nirvana to grow mold spores freely in their confined hair. As mold grows, it enters the hair shaft and causes permanent damage which may lead to folliculitis and alopecia. Using the Weave Dryer® will prevent mold spores from growing because it properly dries hair. The Weave Dryer® is for women who shampoo their hair extensions but do not opt to sit under a hooded dryer. It’s also for women who work out or sweat a lot in the head. The Weave Dryer® provides an easy, convenient, and healthier way to completely dry wet hair extensions.

The Weave Dryer®

There is absolutely no competition for the Weave Dryer® currently in the marketplace.  This hair miracle is the only hair blow-dryer nozzle attachment which was designed to dry confined hair.  Though there are 4 blow dryer attachments on the market, none of these attachments can reach and dry confined hair like the Weave Dryer®.  This is the solution for ladies to completely dry hair extensions, braids, twists, locks, and any eclectic hair style.  The nozzle provides a way to quickly and conveniently dry these types of hair styles after maintenance without causing damage to your real hair or extensions.

With inspiration from her grandmother, a dream, and her personal experience with hair loss and extensions, Dr. Porter was prompted with this passion and invention. “Creating my dream has been an awesome experience. Helping women have a healthier scalp under the extensions is what this is all about.  You should never have to sacrifice having healthy hair and a healthy scalp for hair extensions.  The Weave Dryer® is a real product for the hair industry and for women to have extensions without damage to the natural hair and scalp,” she says.  For more information, please visit www.weavedryer.com.

If you have extreme hair loss, Dr. Porter suggests that you research a dermatologist who specializes in Black and African-American hair and scalp issues. The doctor will do tests to see if it’s caused by an infection or illness, then recommend the best treatment course for you.







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