Disappointments Are for a Season


Charlotte Jackson, Contributing Writer

I have seen so many young people who by no choice of their own grew up in a single parent household.  Somehow, they had to learn to handle the responsibilities of life as well as the disappointments that came their way.  Children who grow up with one absent parent or without both parents are left to observe the traditional role of a parent by watching others in the community.

I remember having a flat tire and two young men who were trying to help me became frustrated because they wanted to help, but didn’t know how to change a flat tire.  I recall another time when I witnessed a young man having trouble tying his necktie for a formal event.  A young woman shared with me the pain she was dealing with in relationships because of not having a strong male role model in her life growing up.  There was a young man who lied and said his father was dead because he was ashamed that his father was really in prison.  Talking with a young woman with abandonment issues, she was very transparent that she had two miscarriages and an abortion by the age of 14 years old.  Her mother leaving at a young age, she longed for someone to truly love her.  There are those who are suffering in silence, masking the pain.

With so many young people hurting out here, we have to be ready to love them unconditionally and listen not only to what they are saying, but what they are not saying.  Yes, we must learn to read between the lines.  It takes time to get through to a person who is hurting, especially a young person.  We have to be selfless to truly help them heal and sacrifice our time for their benefit.  It is not only time, but also money.  It may be on your heart to pour into a young person, helping them with the basic necessities or investing in their education.  We must be willing to reach out and love on this generation.  Someone must be willing to teach them how to tie a tie, change a tire, cook and other everyday things we take for granted.

Are you that someone?  Are you that someone who can teach young people that they can trust others?  Are you that someone who can encourage them to keep the faith even when times are tough?  It is our duty as members of the community to teach young people who are hurting about love and acceptance.  It is vital for them to know that their disappointments are only for a season.  Will you join me today in being SOMEONE?



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