Conscious Design Decisions


By Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

Changes in your surroundings will influence your mindset.  As we know, your home is your castle.  Your living space is where you should feel the most grounded.  Yet if there are areas in your home where you feel disconnected, overwhelmed or confused, then my tips may help you create a style of well-being.

It was in my early years of designing that I learned about feng shui.  When I completed projects, the space had to not only look good, but feel good for the client.  My designs allowed clients to experience a shift in their mindset, leaving an energy that gave clients a better sense of well-being.

Creating areas in your living space can help to promote and dictate positive vibes throughout the home.  The design of your home can impact your attitude.  Be very conscious about your design decisions.  Below are some of my design tips that can help create a more positive atmosphere in your home.

Welcome Area

Allow this space to make any guest feel welcome.  Remove clutter, and use natural elements like plants and flowers.  Create a welcoming ambiance with more lighting.  Displaying pictures of friends and family can also give guests a sense of your loving and warm spirit.

Community Area

This is where you can create a well-defined space for group activities.  Make sure your family and friends can feel a sense of excitement in this space.  Enhance this area with music.  Being conscious of the design in this room will welcome conversation.  Try creating a more intimate seating arrangement.  If there is a fireplace in this space, use it.  Also, burning candles can promote intimate conversation.

Personal Area

Your personal area should reflect your own personal and unique experiences.  Use pictures in this room and other visuals that represent your goals.  Don’t forget to place photos, plaques and awards to highlight your accomplishments.  Display artwork in this area and spiritual pieces.  Another tip is to include bookcases containing your favorite books.

Children’s Area

This should be a place of joy.  Include bright, colorful and playful objects in this space.  Hang pictures of children and pets.  Highlight your child’s creative art projects on the walls.  This area should always reflect the importance of fun and spontaneity.

Intimate Room

Calm and relaxation should be reflected in this space.  Rich fabrics and soothing colors give a sense of privacy and intimacy.  Select simple aromas for this room.

Outdoor Area

Create a backyard space with flowers and well-maintained greenery.  Use earth tones and the color yellow in your outdoor area.  The outdoor furniture should have color and be low to the ground.  Brick, stone and terra cotta can enhance nature’s elements.  Well-placed lighting can make all the difference for a great outdoor space.

Make conscious design decisions!

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