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Connie Kwan-Wong, CEO and Publisher of CKW LUXE Magazine

Connie Kwan-Wong is an entrepreneur, pediatric cardiac sonographer, magazine publisher and philanthropist.  She combines her many endeavors and her passion for charitable work. She has had the good fortune to be influenced by several different cultures in her life’s journey. Kwan-Wong was born in Hong Kong and resided there until the age of 11.  After living in Hong Kong, her parents moved their family to Australia. As a result of her experiences, Kwan-Wong is very comfortable associating and communicating with people of all cultures and backgrounds, and she truly feels like she is a citizen of the world.

From the time she was a young child, Kwan-Wong was raised to be sincere, honest and to value friendship and family. She got her first taste of being philanthropic when she was in the second grade. Kwan-Wong and her parents would regularly volunteer their time at the local orphanage, deliver meals to the hungry and visit with the elderly at the nursing home. Helping those who are less fortunate and spreading messages of hope have always been important goals to her.

She moved to the United States after marrying her husband, Stephen.  Stephen helped further strengthen her commitment to be grateful, cherish the blessings of life and to spread those blessings to others whenever possible.

Through her husband’s support and faith in her, she grew to believe that it was possible to have a positive impact on the world and to instill the concepts of charity and humanity in her community and beyond. Kwan-Wong established the Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation.  This foundation helps with her charitable works and reflects her belief in the words, “Giving is better than receiving.  Love the people around you, and help the people who need you!”  The main purpose of her foundation is to raise awareness about the immediate problems and issues facing children in Houston, serving as a bridge between the wonderful Houston community and the reputable charitable organizations in the area.

After creating her foundation, Kwan-Wong created the CKW Collection, which is a skincare and accessories company.  This company helps fund the foundation. Recently, she launched a philanthropic, inspirational and luxury magazine to reinforce her passion for philanthropy.  Kwan-Wong wants to use CKW Luxe Magazine to tell great stories that will reach a different audience and combine luxury with stories of hope, motivation and charitable giving. Her profits from CKW Luxe Magazine will support nonprofits and philanthropic work. She is excited about the future of the magazine and how it will impact lives in a positive way.

Kwan-Wong’s motto is, “Share your blessings with others whenever possible. Love the people around you, and help the people who need you!”

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