Is Your Communication Igniting Romance?


By Stella Alexander, Contributing Writer | Spending quality time together will help ignite romance and maintain your relationship. It’s a decision you choose to make, and no one else can do that but you. Focus on keeping love alive by being intentional and committed. Stop being predictable by doing the same old thing over and over, as this becomes hum drum and boring. Be impromptu and flexible. Spontaneity will help you ignite romance in your relationship.

Many of you believe you don’t have the time to invest. I don’t agree. Decide to change your belief regarding investing in your relationship. Do a little research to find fun things to do over the weekend. There are new and fun activities happening in the town or city you are living in that you can do together (water park, couples massage, picnic at a park, an adventurous drive around town).

If you still need help to find a way out of the dull life you’ve learned to settle for, start with a picnic on your living room floor. Put a table cloth on the floor, and serve dinner there. Add a candle for ambiance. Have your favorite songs playing that you loved when you met. Include some dance music. You can have breakfast together…just 20 minutes with good easy conversation at least once a week. It is very important to turn off the cell phone when you are romancing your companion.

The romantic poetry book “Spontaneity ~ The Essence Of Romance” has wonderful suggestions and loving poetry to help you ignite romance and maintain your relationship. I also recommend our couples date calendar Rejuvenating Relationships ~ One Date at a Time, to plan romantic memories.
We at Rejuvenating Relationships are committed to helping you put down that remote control, put down that cell phone, get off the sofa, and IGNITE ROMANCE one date at a time.

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