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By Dawn Paul, Contributing Writer

Where society has their set standards of what attractiveness is or should be, LAMIK, Houston’s beloved beauty brand continues to be revolutionary and highly regarded nationally in the industry because of its approach to cosmetics.  “Love and Makeup in Kindness” is what LAMIK stands for, and Kim Roxie, the founder and owner of the line has always been intentional in her method to makeup.  Because she understands that LAMIK goes beyond just beauty and that this is a calling, her process is not just making women “pretty,” but celebrating their true beauty that goes beyond the application.  Roxie has recently partnered with celebrity photographer Ferrell Phelps for a special photo shoot to highlight the life and beauty of Shcikita Thomas.

Thomas is a truly exceptional woman who symbolizes beauty.  This mother of four who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative breast cancer is not living her life as if it is the end, but as if it is just the beginning.  Being a model and having a fabulous photo shoot was always one of her wishes, and Roxie and Phelps didn’t hesitate to give Thomas the day that she was deserving of.  Not your average shoot, the red carpet was rolled out for Thomas to have that glamorous supermodel experience she has always dreamed of.  It was a day to celebrate the life of a queen who is a woman of God, a devoted mother, friend, and an inspiration through how she lives her life.

A fighter and a selfless spirit, Thomas sees her diagnosis as a responsibility to raise awareness for Metastatic breast cancer.  This type of cancer is classified as Stage 4 breast cancer.  This cancer spreads, or metastasizes as cancer cells invade nearby healthy cells.  When the healthy cell is taken over, it too can replicate more abnormal cells.  Thomas wants to save lives, especially when it comes to our community, as this disease runs rapid and can be very aggressive in women of color.  The disparity continues to grow primarily due to access to healthcare.  It is recommended that all women, but especially Black women receive a high-quality breast-cancer screening, and, if diagnosed, to follow through with treatment in a timely manner.  “When it comes to breast cancer I have a strong message for not only women but also men, as they too can be diagnosed with this disease.  I stress the importance of not putting off that yearly breast exam.  Go and get the tests done.  They can save your life,” says Thomas.

Metastatic breast cancer is a disease that has had an impact on Roxie, as she lost her own mother to this disease a few years ago.  She knows and understands the importance of educating and providing resources to help combat the rate of those diagnosed who are living in high-risk groups and populations.  Roxie is in the fight with Thomas to help save lives.  Because LAMIK is a community-driven cosmetic enterprise, Roxie always makes a conscious effort to align the brand with ambassadors whose true beauty is revealed through their spirit.  It was an immediate decision to have Thomas as the holiday model, face, and spokesperson for LAMIK.  “Not only was I moved by her testimony, but the joy, gracefulness, and love Thomas has for other women in raising awareness about this disease.  This is what revealed her true beauty to me,” Roxie expresses.  Thomas represents hope and peace, being a light that is especially fitting for the Christmas season.  She wasn’t chosen because of her diagnosis but because of who she is and how she doesn’t allow her diagnosis or anyone else to define her.  Thomas shares, “A disease should not define anyone.  I am proof of that.  I understand what statistics say about this disease and what the doctors say, but I know that God has the final say.  He is not through with me yet.”

Roxie has raised over $160,000 to benefit Black women in the fight against breast cancer, and Thomas has motivated her to do much more in regards to health and wellness.  Thomas’s diagnosis is a wake-up call for us all.  She is a role model and a jewel.  Every day God gives Thomas is a day she lives in complete thankfulness, and she doesn’t take life for granted.  Her continued fight to live is for her children.  Thomas says, “I want my children to be okay.  Everything I have done and do is for my children.  I live for them.  They mean the world to me.  Every single day that I spend with them continues to give me something to live and fight for.  I am still here.”  As Roxie is also a mother, she is donating 10% of the LAMIK holiday sales to Thomas’s children.  To purchase LAMIK products this season for a worthy cause, please visit www.lamik-beauty.com.

Source: www.nationalbreastcancer.org


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