Breathe New Life


Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer

Let me introduce you to a new way of thinking when it comes to making a change in your home.  Breathe new life, by renovating the bathrooms in your home.

First things first, choose a good contractor.  I highly suggest selecting a contractor through a referral.  However, if it is a contractor you have chosen, make sure you have seen at least two completed jobs.  The nightmare of renovation can cause so much stress, along with costing quite a bit of extra money if you do not get a thorough scope of work with timelines for completion.

Start with the master bathroom of the house when it comes to renovating bathrooms. Create a space well-designed to be able to relax in.  The replacement of tubs with a walk-in shower/sauna is the newest trend.  If you are not replacing a standard tub with a deep luxury upgraded deep tub, then work with a designer who gives you the best floor plan for your new space.  If you can remove a closet, then you can have both.

Below are a few of my tips to breathe new life into your bathroom:

  • Select a customized shower door.
  • Add dramatic lighting fixtures.
  • Add speakers for music.
  • Select tiles that reflect your personality.
  • Choose classical style tiles.
  • Paint cabinets and add new hardware on cabinets.
  • Change the faucets.
  • Upgrade the counter tops with granite or marble.
  • Replace traditional sinks with vessel sinks.

You may not believe it, but the bathroom is a space that can be filled with personality.  Really think about spending your budget on beautiful tiles since this room has the smallest square footage in the home.

Using dramatic hanging light fixtures along with wall lighting will make a real statement.  Hire an artistic painter to create a decorative paint finish or add wallpaper to enhance the character in this space.

Your sink and faucets should also be unique.

When it comes to the guest bathroom, it should reflect a simple yet dynamic design.  The color of this bathroom should be welcoming and easy on the eyes.  This is where your decorative accessories come into play.  Place fresh flowers in this bathroom as often as possible.  Try a special fabric shower curtain and pay special attention to towels and soaps. Treat your guests to a spa-like experience, having sponges, bath brushes, and bath salts on display for easy use.  The rugs in this room should feel as soft as can be.

Make sure you have a dimmer switch for lighting.

Bathrooms will create a new life of luxury!

For more information, contact Linda Lindsay of Designing Your Lifestyle at 347-731-1020.


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