Email Marketing


Increase your business exposure through e-blast or v-blast (e-blast with embedded video). A professionally produced video presentation tells current and potential customers that your business is detail and quality oriented as well as in step with cutting edge ways to communicate.

For just $198 e-blast your business to over 75,000+ potential customers connected to the D-MARS database. If you need a professional look for your ad, our designers can design it for you with extra charges.


Combine the power of the Internet with video to send a persuasive informational message to thousands of potential customers. Record a personal greeting on camera to promote your business or organization.

Send your video out with our V-BLAST for only $275.00. That’s video blasting to more than 75,000 professionals who are in the market for various products and services. Your V-BLAST can be a video which highlights the most outstanding features of your business, a personal greeting from your CEO or a combination of elements that will appeal to your target audience.

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