Bill Clair Family Mortuary, Inc. Serves Houston for More Than 75 Years


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Bill Clair Family Mortuary Inc. (Bill Clair) is owned and operated by Rev. Michael Bill, Mortician and Charlotte Bill, Funeral Director.  Bill Clair has been serving the families of Houston and the surrounding areas with compassion and excellence for more than 75 years.  Bill Clair is a full-service funeral home, with services ranging from prearrangement to after-care, also providing a variety of funeral services, burial ceremonies, and cremations.  Their highest priority is meeting every need of the families they serve, and doing so with personal and professional care of a multi-cultural mortuary.

Many people are unsure of what steps to take when there is a death of a loved one.  Bill Clair is committed to ensuring that the families they serve are well-informed of their options. But it is important to Bill Clair that their clients understand what can be done, and they want to make sure that their clients have all of the necessary information required to make these important decisions during a sensitive time.  Bill Clair is always there to provide the basic explanation of your options in certain circumstances.

Bill Clair advises of the necessary steps to take after the death of a loved one as it pertains to location and circumstances:

Unanticipated death at home or elsewhere – In these situations, you should immediately contact 911.  Police and emergency medical personnel will then determine the appropriate steps to take. Generally, the authorities can release the remains directly to the Bill Clair funeral home, so that preparations may begin. In some situations, however, the remains may need to be taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office.  This occurs when the cause of death may not yet be known.

If death occurs in an Institution – Should the death occur at a hospital or care home (nursing/convalescent), the medical staff should handle all necessary legal steps. You simply need to inform the staff that Bill Clair is handling arrangements.  You will generally have to complete any legal release paperwork.

Anticipated death at home – Today, more people with terminal illnesses are more comfortable at home under the care of Hospice in the final stages of their illness. In this situation, you should inform Hospice that Bill Clair is the funeral home of your choice. Hospice will then supervise the necessary legal requirements. Often, when someone is faced with a terminal illness, the family will decide to make arrangements in advance – saving them the time and emotional decisions needed at the time of death.

Death out-of-state – If the death occurs out of state, you should call Bill Clair at their Houston or Stafford location. They can then coordinate the transfer with a local funeral director at the place of death. They can often save families money by making all necessary arrangements.

Bill Clair believes in the economical way of caring for families in need.  With a listening ear, Bill Clair provides affordable options for families to care for a loved one who has passed.  When you finalize your plan, Bill Clair can advise you of the total cost. You do not have to set aside funds for your plan, but doing so protects you against escalating funeral costs. By locking in today’s funeral costs and ensuring that the necessary funds are set aside, you help relieve yourself of unnecessary future worry and your survivors of an unexpected expense.

This funeral home is able to serve friends and neighbors throughout Houston, the surrounding areas, and this region with not only compassion, but also the skill and attention to detail that clients deserve.  The commitment to their families and the community has defined their service that remains strong.  Bill Clair is confident that they can provide you and your family with the care you need and deserve during a difficult time.

Rev. and Charlotte Bill and staff members are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. These requests and traditions are of utmost importance to their staff of licensed funeral directors.  Bill Clair is the multicultural mortuary that has served all faiths and religions, foreign, domestic, and international for over 75 years.

Bill Clair encourages individuals to plan ahead so they can have peace of mind.  Many who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one have made the choice to pre-plan their own funeral. Doing so lifts the burden and relieves decision-making pressures at a time of grief and emotional stress.

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical and detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. And Bill Clair assures you and your family that the choices you make will be carried out as planned.

Bill Clair’s beautiful Southmore chapel is conveniently located at 2603 Southmore Boulevard in Houston, Texas.  For more information about the services they offer, please email or call (713) 522-9030.  Visit Bill Clair Family Mortuary, Inc. on the web at


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