Beginning a New Season


By Charlotte A. Jackson, Contributing Writer

I was born in a small East Texas town and for the most part, I have lived life on a path that has been consistent.  Perhaps it has not been consistent with what other people wanted or expected for my life, but one thing about it, it has been full of choices that I have made.  The choices have been mine, as well as the consequences.

Maybe it is that I am reaching an age where my children do not need me nearly as much as when they were younger.  My grandchildren are awesome little people, but they do not need me too often.  My only sibling lives in Austin and his only child is about to get married.

As I talked with a friend over the weekend, he asked me to define “pampered and spoiled.”  I laughed.  Perhaps it is because of the many years spent as a single mom, those are words I use primarily for others and rarely for myself.  Too many times I have spent my last dime on one of my children or even on a friend.  On the rare occasions that I have spent money for something I really wanted, I would lay awake at night and beat myself up over it.

It is time for a change.  It is time to celebrate life and especially the amazing life that God has given to me.  I want to take time to bless others, but to also enjoy things that make me smile.  Time to quit living on such a strict calendar and splurge on myself.

Those of you who follow me know that if there is a great cause in need of a volunteer, I am among the first to clear my schedule and assist in any way that I can.  Perhaps it is time to look at a relaxing evening filled with laughter and hugs as a great cause.  Time to enjoy riding on the back of a Harley and head to Lake Charles or even plan a day to go to Austin.  I have longed to take a trip to visit the Carolina Keyes.

It is time to look at the calendar and plan some “me time.”  Who knows where the road will take me?   One thing I know is that life is short, so we have to live life to the fullest.  Love loud.  Make memories and enjoy the season.


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