Allow Your Décor To Change Your Mindset


Linda Lindsay, Contributing Writer – This is the time of year you need to look at the must dos, must haves, needs and wants when it comes to your space. It’s time for spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to make sure that there is a place for everything, and everything has a place. For spring cleaning, organize the things you need, and throw out the things you don’t want and don’t need. Get rid of all of the clutter. Believe it or not, your living space can have an impact on your mindset.

The most important space in your home that impacts your mindset is your closet. Are your closets cluttered? Do you need to throw some things away? Below are some spring cleaning tips when it comes to your closets:

Your Kitchen Closets
Get rid of the plastics and replace with glass. Purchase glassware that makes you smile.

Your Clothing Closets
Take everything out of each closet in your home. You will need an entire day for this project.

Create 5 Piles:
1. Keep Pile
2. Giveaway Pile
3. Recycle Pile
4. When I Lose Weight Pile
5. Get Rid of It Pile (if you have not worn it/used it within the last 8 months)

Linen and Towel Closets
Donate all those items that have not touched your body within the last 8 months. These closets will be fresher and cleaner with fewer things.

You need to make room in your closets for new items.

Here are a few more spring cleaning tips:

Bring the outside in. Get new spring plants inside the house, and open the windows. Fresh plants and fresh air help improve the flow of oxygen, promoting movement. Create a space that you love. Spend your money wisely. It’s all about quality, not quantity. Define your personal style. It may help to do some research by looking at magazines to help determine what you like best. Research how to make the correct decisions on colors and placement of furnishings.

You want a positive mindset? It’s hard to have a positive mindset and work in a cluttered space. Your mindset is created by what you surround yourself with. Take the time to make sure your space satisfies your needs. Your space should allow you to be the person you truly are.


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