The 7th Annual Houston Black Leadership Forum Welcomed Author Maggie Anderson


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February is Black History Month, and it’s an important month, especially for the African-American community.  However, the truth is we should be celebrating our history all throughout the year.  In addition, it’s vital for us to not only celebrate businesses in our community, but to support them from an economic standpoint.  Are you patronizing and supporting Black businesses in the area?  Now many of us have moved out of the community and into the suburbs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, we cannot forget to come back to the community and support the areas that we grew up in. is proud to be a platform and a great resource where Black businesses and entrepreneurs can create more awareness of their establishment and brand.  It is true that recent events around this country have reminded the African-American community that there is real power in economics, helping to make us more conscious of being intentional in our efforts to support Black businesses.

Left to Right: MR. D-MARS, Maggie Anderson, and GHBC leadership

Recently the team attended the 7th Annual Houston Black Leadership Forum, hosted by the Greater Houston Black Chamber ( and the National Black MBA Association Inc. (  The guest speaker for the event was author Maggie Anderson, who spoke about The Empowerment Experiment and her critically acclaimed book, Our Black Year.  Anderson and her husband were successful African-American professionals raising two daughters in a Chicago suburb.  In 2009 the Andersons embarked on a year-long public pledge to “buy black.” They thought that by taking a stand, the Black community would be mobilized to exert its economic might. They thought that by exposing the issues, Americans of all races would see that economically empowering Black neighborhoods benefits society as a whole. However, the feedback was not overall positive, and not what she and her husband had planned or expected.  Some Blacks refused to support their own, and this experiment was met with some condemnation.  Drawing on economic research and social history as well as her personal story, in this book Anderson shows why the Black economy continues to suffer.  She has issued a strong call to action to all of us to do our part to reverse this trend.

Maggie Anderson at the 7th Annual Houston Black Leadership Forum

Our Black Year also examines the commercial exploitation of Black neighborhoods and explores the reasons why Black businesses lag behind businesses of all other racial and ethnic groups in every measure of success. Anderson argues that the social crises that disproportionately impacts Black people and under-served Black neighborhoods could be countered through what she calls “conscious consumerism.”  In addition, she urges consumers to seek and support Black-owned businesses; and challenges mainstream corporations, especially those that thrive on Black consumers, to involve more Black firms in their supply chains, stock products from Black companies, and engage more Black franchisees, suppliers, dealers, and vendors. Our Black Year is a hard-hitting call to action to close a gaping hole in the American economy—one purchase at a time.

Since The Empowerment Experiment and Our Black Year, Anderson has become the face of a conscious consumerism movement uniting consumers, corporations, and the quality Black businesses that can rescue struggling communities and provide role models to Black youth.  A sought-after speaker, she tours the country inspiring more consumer and corporate engagement of Black professionals and firms.  Anderson appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS Newshour, and CBS Morning News, among many other national television and radio shows.  She uses her experience and platform to increase awareness about economic inequalities that starve Black neighborhoods and deny Black businesses.  She also speaks on how proactive support of Black businesses can create jobs and curb crime in America.  Anderson’s book can be found on or is all about economic empowerment for the African-American community, encouraging us to support one another in business.  MR. D-MARS built this award-winning advertising and marketing agency with the idea that promotional services should be affordable to everyone in the small and mid-size business marketplace.  He seeks to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of business owners by supporting the local engineering firm, the mom-and-pop shop, and the family medical practice with competitive solutions. This is the passion of MR. D-MARS, and that same passion is shared by the team.

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Are you supporting business in the community?  This month is a perfect time to start being intentional when it comes to financially supporting the businesses in our community.  Let’s support each other.  Let’s all win.  When we support each other, it is then that our community will truly prosper.  There is great power in economics.  Visit on the web at



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