2 Girls Who Travel’s Whirlwind Week in Greece


by 2 Girls Who Travel – Valerie Jones & Kim Floyd

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greece? Is it the picturesque white homes on the cliffs of Santorini? The history of Greek gods and goddesses? Or glasses upon glasses of wine?

We were able to experience it all! And although we weren’t able to do everything (we only had a week to make the country our oyster), we did as much as we could. That meant two nights in Athens, two nights in Mykonos and lastly, two nights in Santorini!

The Basics

Our itinerary getting to and from Greece wasn’t ideal, but it worked for us. We had an early departure flight with a stop in Philadelphia. During our six-hour layover in Philly, we made pretty good use of our time. Check out this blog post for more. Then we had a nine-hour overnight flight to Athens. Rest wasn’t an option when we arrived. We went straight into the action!

2 Girls take Athens

While in Athens, we stayed at the AVA Boutique Hotel, a super cute hotel just minutes from the Acropolis Museum, which is where we headed first of course. We used our pre-purchased passes for a hop-on, hop-off bus to get us around the city. Check out some of the sights in the following pics!


We knew that while we were in Greece, we wanted to take a ferry somewhere. Though it’s a longer trip than catching a flight, ferries give you views of the water. So we hopped on our ferry at 7:30am for a six-hour journey that would include three stops. But we must admit, being on top of the boat looking at the clear blue waters made this voyage more bearable! We booked a cute Airbnb in Mykonos, located just a few minutes walk away from dining, shopping and the water. The location was perfect. We enjoyed the much talked about Mykonos nightlife (even though it was the end of the season, there were still places open) and ventured out to Ornos Beach for a day in the sun.


While we enjoyed pleasant weather for the majority of our stay in Greece, upon arrival to Santorini (by short flight), the weather began to get a bit cooler and windier and the waters a bit rougher. Unfortunately, this meant we would not be able to do our sunset catamaran tour we had planned, but that didn’t take away from the great time we had on this beautiful island.

We stayed at the Celestia Grand luxury villas in Fira, Santorini and were blessed with some of the best sunset views. We have to give a major shout-out to Niko, the villa’s manager and concierge because he took such great care of us from coordinating our airport transfers to helping us with booking our excursions and even telling us the best places to shop and eat. He was fantastic and if you ever plan on visiting Santorini, we highly recommend staying at Celestia Grand – if not just for Niko alone – it’s freaking beautiful. And it’s about to undergo renovations, so it will be even more beautiful. Santorini is often known as a honeymoon destination and couples getaway, and while we saw our fair share of couples, the island is great for just about anybody. We loved exploring the town, eating dinner with amazing views and even horseback riding in the village of Megalochori. Caution: Pictures may cause severe wanderlust!

So as the pictures suggest, Greece was absolutely amazing! But you may be wondering where are all the food pictures … surely we ate in Greece, right? Well of course. This was such a huge trip that we couldn’t fit everything into one post. Be sure to check out our blog next week for all the details into what food and dessert we had while in Greece. Trust us, it’s worth the wait … talk soon!

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